6 December 2018, 21:07


Crochet slippers. Schemes of knitting warm slippers without a backdrop, decorated with a fluffy pompon. For knitting slippers, you can use wool, wool blend, acrylic or any other yarn that you have at hand. Additionally, you will need a soft, flexible sole.

Crochet slippers. Scheme
Slippers crocheted with a thickness of 3 mm.

The scheme of knitting basics - soles slipper. Knitting begins with the center, with a chain of air loops. In total, 7 rows should be connected.

Number of air loops: for size 27 x 9.5 cm = 33 air loops; 24.5 x 9.5 cm = 29 air loops.

The scheme of knitting the top of the slipper and strapping the edge of the sole. For convenience, on the right, the attached table with a list of rows and the number of loops.

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