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Knit dress with your own hands. Choice and care

Not always in the store, you can choose for yourself the perfect dress that would perfectly fit the village and emphasized all its virtues. So you should link it yourself. It will take some time, but the result will surprise, because the new thing will become an exclusive. Where to begin?

Knit dress with your own hands. Choice and care
The choice of material. The choice of yarn is one of the highlights. If the dress should fit the figure, then it is better to buy rubberized threads or, when knitting, insert a thin elastic band in the dress, so that it is elastic, easily stretched.

If you are going to knit a midi dress, take non-weighted yarn. Heavy threads will hang ugly under the force of their own weight in the hem and instead of a beautiful dress you will get a bag-like product.

Washing a knitted dress . The composition of the thread is also important because it depends on how long the dress will last, what its quality will be after washing. By the way, washing is suitable only for hand, delicate, in water up to 40 degrees. Strongly squeeze a crocheted or knitted dress is not necessary. When the water is drained, carefully lay the product on a towel and roll it up into a scroll. An hour later, when the towel becomes wet, do the same, but with a different towel. On the third towel, you can no longer collapse, but simply leave it in the unfolded form to dry. A semi-dry dress can be hung on a clothesline, the clothespins cling to the armpits so that there are no ugly marks on the hangers.

Depending on the complexity of knitting, it can take you a week to two months. Therefore, it is better to buy expensive and high-quality thread, so as not to later throw out your dress and not waste time in vain. Choose non-barbed yarn so that it does not irritate the skin, and the product looks beautiful.

Complicated dresses can be knit for at least half a year, and it bothers you quickly, so it’s better to choose simple knitting patterns and quickly make your outfit.

What models to choose . You can, for example, tie yourself a summer patterned dress that you can take with you to rest, it will look beautiful and attractive. Buy a lining or a petticoat for it, which is not electrified. A huge plus of this dress - it does not need to iron.

Knitted dresses will help create a beautiful image for any event and are suitable for everyday wear, for example, in the office. For any knitted dress, as well as for a purchased knitwear, be sure to sew the lining, otherwise the dress will lose its shape, stretch its length and stretch to its width. By the way, you can buy lining fabric from the Moscow company-manufacturer "Entourage". The company's website has a large selection of lining fabric, all fabrics have optimal elasticity, they are hypoallergenic, have good ventilation, which allows the skin to breathe, fabrics are light and unpretentious in care. And the prices for lining fabrics are very pleasant, may be interested wholesale buyers. Look at the catalog site anturage.com.ru.

If the body is in perfect shape, then the lining should be taken in the color of the yarn, if there are any imperfections, it is enough to buy in a different color - in this case the flaws will disappear. For obese women, there are also many options that look just gorgeous on the body. The most important thing is just not to be mistaken with the choice of the product model.

You can also knit a patterned dress made of cotton threads. They are very light and no lining is required for such a dress. But the knitting technique itself will make you spend a lot of time and effort, especially if you want a model with patterns.

Any knitting technique requires some preparation for work, but you will be satisfied with the result.

And now I want to offer you to crochet an elegant black dress made of fine acrylic yarn. For work you need a hook with a thickness of 2 mm. Below is a pattern to create a dress size 44-46.


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