11 January, 08:09

Knitted Star Blanket

The rug "star" is ideal for a child's room. You can make it from different colors of yarn, as in our master class, or come up with your own version.

Cotton yarn (or any other yarn of your choice) with four skeins of different colors (the weight of one skein is approximately 50 g); hook suitable size.


Tie the initial chain of 4 air loops (v. P.) And close it into a ring with a connecting stub.

1st p.: Ring from c. to tie up with 10 columns without single crochet (art. b / n, carry out the ring of the w. p.).

2nd p .: alternately from every 1st st. b / n knit 2 tbsp. s / n, from every 2nd st. b / n - 3 tbsp. s / n = just complete 25 art. s / n

3rd river: * 1 tbsp. s / n, from the 1st column to knit 5 tbsp. s / n, then 1 tbsp. s / n, 2 tbsp. s / n knit together *, * repeat 5 times (in this row we divide the 25 columns by 5: in order to get a star, “rays” are drawn and “indentations” are made).

4th b.: * 2 tbsp. s / n, from the 1st column to knit 5 tbsp. s / n, then 2 tbsp. s / n, 3 tbsp. s / n knit together *, from * repeat 5 times. Step 4 Next, at each top of the "beam" knit from 1 loop of 5 or 7 tbsp. C / N (depending on the individual density of the knit and the thickness of the thread), and for each "deepening" - 3 tbsp. s / n knit together. The rug fits to the desired size. You can alternate colors as in the photo or arbitrarily. Photo: magazine «Crafty» №1 / 2015

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