6 December 2018, 19:19

Large Crocheted Merino Crochet

Large-knit merino crochet plaid . A voluminous soft decorative blanket for a bed will undoubtedly decorate the interior of your bedroom, create a cozy and creative look in it. Do not want to tie a fashion accessory for your home? Such a blanket fits very quickly ... it will take only an hour of free time. But the result will be - well, very voluminous! The size of the decorative blanket for large knitting for the bed is 180 x 70 cm. In the work, merino thick yarn of gray color and a hook 12 mm thick are used.

The work used air loops and columns with one crochet. A total of 34 rows should be linked. Work begins with knitting a chain of 33 air loops plus 3 air loops for lifting.

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