6 December 2018, 20:11

Very beautiful crocheted interior pillow

A very beautiful crocheted interior pillow is knitted of half-woolen yarn of luxurious color of wet asphalt. For the work needed a hook 3.5 mm thick. The size of the finished pillow is 48 x 48 cm. A knitting pattern for a three-dimensional fantasy pattern that imitates a knitting pattern can also be used to create a men's pullover or a volume warm women's coat, jacket or cardigan.

Very beautiful crocheted interior pillow
The knitting pattern of the front side of the interior cushion is a fantasy three-dimensional pattern imitating a knitted pattern. Knitting begins with a chain of 59 air loops, plus 3 C. v. lifting. In the diagram below, the symbols of air loops, columns without nikida and double crochets are used. We begin to knit according to the scheme and add another 30 rows of the pattern with crocheted columns.

The scheme of knitting the back side of the pillow. Knitting begins with the center, with a chain of 6 air loops.

Enlarged fragment of the beginning of knitting (fragment of the scheme above):

The interior pillow can be knitted from any yarn, the color scheme should correspond to the interior design of your favorite house. Knitted cushion in color can be combined with curtains, upholstered sofa or floor covering, and can also become a bright color spot that attracts attention. It all depends on your taste preferences. Knit for joy!

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