27 November 2018, 21:02


Size: 36/38
You will need:
- 300 g. Cumulus type yarn from JUNIPER MOON light gray (Fb 02) (94% cotton, 6% nylon, 230 m / 100 g);
- short and long circular needles No. 6 and 6.5,
- as well as a hook No. 5.5.
Garter band in a circle. R:
alternately 1 circle. R. - persons. n., 1 circle. R. - izn. p.
Openwork path in circular rows:
The number of loops is a multiple of 3.
* 1 persons. n., 1 nakid, 2 n. together persons., repeat from *.
Pattern for the coquette in a circle. R: The
number of loops is first a multiple of 5.
Knit according to scheme 1, which contains odd circular rows.
In even circle. rows all loops and nakidy knit facial.
Constantly repeat rapport. Knit 1 x from the 1st to the 41st round. R.
Because of the additions in accordance with the pattern, the number of loops after the 39th is multiple 15. The

openwork pattern in circular rows:
The number of loops is multiple 15.
Knit according to scheme 2, which contains odd circular rows
B of even circle. rows all loops and nakidy knit facial.
Repeat rapport and from the 1st to the 12th p.
Density of knitting:
openwork pattern and pattern for the coquette: 16 p. And 26 circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm;

Pullover knit from top to bottom with a whole canvas, while starting with the neckline.
Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction.
Coquette on the pattern is not shown
Performance of work:
Dial into needles No. 6 60 p., Close into a circle and tie 4 cm = 5 circle for the neckline. rows of garter stitch, make 1 openwork path, knit 4 circle. row garter viscous and 2 circle. a number of facial.
Then go to the needles No. 6.5 and knit a pattern for a round yoke, with the addition done as indicated = 180 points.
Through 41 circles. Row from slats to footprint. a circle. next perform trace. way:
put off 30 p. for the sleeve, tie a chain of 15 sur. p. and on one side to raise 15 p., knit 60 p. with facial, repeat from * another 1 time = 150 p. for the front and back and 30 deferred loops for the sleeves.
After 16 cm = 42 circle. a number from the strap for the front and back to continue the openwork pattern circle. rows, with a circle at the beginning. shift the rows by 1 point to the right.
For the bottom bar in 39 cm = 102 circle. rows from the slat or through 23 cm = 60 circle. rows from the end of the coquette knit another 3 cm = 8 circle. rows of garter viscous.
Then close all loops like faces.
Postponed 30 p. For the sleeve to move to a short circle. knitting needles, to them on the other hand add a chain of 15 vozd. n. and on all 45 n. knit openwork pattern.
After 41.5 cm = 108 circle. R. from the neckline for the sleeve bar or 25.5 cm = 66 circle. R. from the end of the coquette to knit another 3 cm = 8 circle. R. garter viscous, while in the 1st round. R. evenly subtract 5 s. = 40 s.
Then close all loops as faces.

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