11 February, 11:51

Crochet Card

Crochet Card
Size: M
Materials: 4 skeins of Círculo Cléa 5 yarn (100% cotton, 147 g / 750 m.)
Thread Cléa 5 from Círculo and crochet 1.5 mm. dial a chain of 205 air loops.
Knit with an openwork pattern according to a pattern up to a height of 100 cm.
Mark the central 36 cm. Backsheets, close 9 cm. On each side of the backs for armholes.
Continue to knit the shelves and backs separately for another 20 cm.
At the same time, close each loop on each side of the neck one loop evenly along 20 cm in height, leaving only 14 cm for the shoulder.
Sleeve: dial 64 loops.
Knit according to the scheme - 43 cm.
Cross section: dial 44 air loops.
Knit under the scheme to a height of 3.8 m.
Sew the transverse part along the bottom, shelves and neck.
Tie another transverse part for each sleeve.
Crochet cardigan, scheme: