11 February, 12:15

Crochet Cardigan

Crochet Cardigan
Materials: Anna yarn - 3 hanks, hook 1.75 mm.
Back: dial 171 i / p. crochet 1.75 mm.
Knit under the scheme 1 to a height of 63 cm.
Finish knitting.
Right shelf: dial 85 crochet 1.75 mm.
Knit according to scheme 2.
At a height of 45 cm, close the neckline by 3 loops every 6 rows - 3 times (close the loops smoothly).
At a height of 63 cm. Finish knitting.
Left shelf: knit symmetrically to the right.
Sleeve: for a start to sew shoulders on 18 cm from each party.
Place marks at a height of 18 cm from the shoulder seam on the shelves and on each side of the backrest.
Between the tags, start knitting sleeves according to pattern 3.
At a height of 30 cm. Tie up the sleeves according to pattern 4.
To tie the shelves and the bottom of the cardigan as well under the scheme 4.
Schemes :