11 February, 14:39

Dress Crochet "Color Style"

Dress Crochet "Color Style"
The dress is crocheted in two cups according to the scheme, which are connected and the skirt is knitted down. In the skirt the colors of the thread change, the gamma of which is added under the description.
Materials: 7 skeins of Círculo Estilo yarn (80% viscose, 20% seda, 100 g / m) - for a coil of branco 8001 colors, marsala (7136), militar (5578), castanha (7625), mostarda (7408), tabaco (7311), amêndoa (7650), hook 1.75 mm.
Start knitting from the bodice cup.
Dial 18 air loops + 3 lifting loops with white thread, knit according to the scheme.
At the end of the rapport scheme between * - * repeat 20 times.
Separately, tie the second cup symmetrically to the first.
Put two cups together and sew 5 cm., Do not sew at the back.
Continue to knit down the second pattern, straight and back rows.
Repeat the pattern between * - * 15 times wide.
Color thread change as in the photo.
3 rows branco color,
5 rows marsala color,
2 rows militar color,
5 rows marsala color,
2 rows castanha color,
5 rows mostarda color,
2 rows castanha color,
3 rows of branco,
1 row militar
5 rows of tabaco,
2 rows amêndoa,
1 row marsala,
4 rows amêndoa,
1 row militar,
4 rows mostarda,
1 row militar,
6 rows of branco,
and 12 rows of tabaco
Mostarda color thread tie up the top of the back and the front of the harness.
For ties tie 80 in / pi connect on the back.
Crochet dress schemes: