11 January, 11:07

Falling Snow Stocking

MC = Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky – red: 2 skeins (I just barely
dipped into the 2nd skein…you could probably drop the last round of the
smallest snowflakes and complete the stocking with 1 skein)
CC = Knit Picks Bare Peruvian Highland Wool Bulky Weight – 1 skein
Needles: US 10 (6mm), 16” circs and dpns or magic loop length of choice.
Gauge: 4 sts and 4 rows = 1-inch
Gauge is not critical to this project.
Finished Size:
16-inch circumference at cuff
20-inches from top of cuff to bottom of heel
14-inches from back of heel to tip of toe.
The Pattern
CO 64 using the long-tail, two-color cast on
**Long-Tail, Two-Color Cast On is almost identical to the normal long-tail
method. It begins with a slipknot joining the MC and CC, placing the CC on
the needle first. Please note that the slipknot counts as one stitch. Simply
hold the MC over the index finger and the CC over the thumb. Then just
follow the usual long-tail method.**
Now, begin the Latvian Plait with a setup
Setup: *k1 CC, k1 MC* around
Round 1: With both colors in front and
bringing your working yarn in front of
(over) the previous stitch, *p1 CC, p1 MC*
Round 2: With both colors in front and
bringing your working yarn behind (under)
the previous stitch, *p1 CC, p1 MC* around
Now get started on the chart! See you on
the other side.

Great. Onto the heel…
So, grab 2 of your dpns or an extra
pair of straights for this part. If you
don’t have extra US10s, you’ll need to slip the non-heel stitches to a holder some waist yarn until the heel is
Be sure to place a marker at the beginning of the round!
Helpful abbreviations
(wyf)=with yarn in front
(wyb)=with yarn in back
sl1=slip 1 st
p2tog=purl 2 sts together
ssk=slip 2 sts knitwise, then knit them together through the back loops.
Heel Flap
Using CC, k15, turn
(wyf) sl1 pwise, p 29
Row 1: *(wyb), sl1 pwise, k1* repeat to end
Row 2: (wyf), sl1 pwise, p to end
Repeat rows 1 and 2 - 15 times, then complete row 1
again. You should now have 15 selvage stitches. Now
it’s time to turn the heel.
Short Row Heel.
Row 1: (wyf) sl 1 pwise, p16, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 2: (wyb) sl 1 pwise, k5, ssk, k1, turn
Row 3: (wyf) sl1 pwise, p6, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 4: (wyb) sl1 pwise, k7, ssk, k1, turn
Continue in this fashion until 18 sts remain and get ready for the gusset.
We’ll pick up 14 sts along the first
selvage edge of the heel and 16sts on other. If you’re trying this out on
fingering weight yarn for wearable (I
hope - please remember that the
whole “wearable” theory has not been
tested) socks, you’ll probably want to
pick up 17 and 18 sts respectively.
You’ll notice that the MC yarn you’ve
been ignoring while you worked the
heel is patiently waiting for you.
There’s a chart diagramming the gusset at the end of the pattern.
Round 1: (starting at the end of the gusset work without turning) Pick up
14 sts along selvage edge, *k1MC, k1CC* 17 times, pick up 1 st in CC, *pick
up 2 sts in MC, pick up 2 sts in CC* 3 times, pick up 2 sts MC, pick up 1 st
CC, k1CC, *k2MC, k2CC* twice.
Round 2: (round starts in the middle of the bottom of the heel) *k2MC,
k2CC* 5 times, k2togMC, k1CC, *k1CC, k1MC* 17 times, k1CC, ssk MC,
*k2CC, k2MC* 5 times, k2CC.
Round 3: *k2MC, k2CC* 5 times, k1MC, k1CC, *k1MC, k1CC* 17 times,
k1CC, k1MC, *k2CC, k2MC* 5 times, k2CC.
Round 4: *k2MC, k2CC* 4 times, k2MC, k1CC, k2togMC, k1CC, *k1CC,
k1MC* 17 times, k1CC, ssk MC, k1CC *k2MC, k2CC* 5 times.
Round 5: *k2MC, k2CC* 4 times, k2MC, k1CC, k1MC, k1CC *k1MC, k1CC*
17 times, k1CC, k1MC, k1CC *k2MC, k2CC* 5 times.
Continue in pattern, reducing 2 sts every other round until 64sts
Knit even in pattern for another 1-1/2 inches, or until you think the
foot is long enough.