10 February, 22:20

Knitting Pullover With Raglan Imitation

Knitting Pullover With Raglan Imitation
Knitting pullover
Such a knitted pullover with knitting needles is performed with imitation raglan sleeves, although it is performed with a standard rollback.
How to read Chinese patterns: to knit according to Chinese patterns, first look at the pattern.
In the pattern, autumn shows everything in detail: the direction of knitting (arrow), the number of loops set (number + ladder next), how to knit (the pattern number corresponds to the pattern), how high to knit (number + letter C), as well as reduction of armhole, neck or roll back sleeves.
For example, look backless pattern: dial 115 loops.
Knit pattern C - 7 cm,
Knitting pullover, scheme: