11 January, 09:38


Yarn: worsted weight yarn - 200 yards
I used the following yarn and they've all been great:
-Green hat: Knit Picks, Swish - Lemongrass Heather, worsted, 2 skeins, 110 yards each.
-Gray hat: Knit Picks, Swish - Dove Heather, worsted, 2 skeins, 110 yards each.
-Cream hat: Encore colorspun - Drifting, worsted, 1 skein, 200 yards.
Needles: 7US/4.5mm double points (5 of them) and 7US/4.5mm 16" circular needle.
Stitch marker - 1
Darning needle
Gauge: 2x2 swatch, 4-4.5 stitches = 1" and 6 rows = 1"
Sizing: Fits 20"-22" head with ease. To make larger or smaller, add or subtract in
increments of four stitches. This hat has a lot of give, it could even fit a
19"- 23" head.
Cast on 100 stitches using the circular 7US/4.5mm needle and join in the round, being careful
not to twist any of the stitches. If you want to try my favorite join, cast on 101 stitches. This is
called: invisible join, in the round. After casting on one extra stitch than asked for (101), transfer
the first cast on stitch onto the needle of the last cast on stitch. Now the first and the last stitch
(stitch #1 and #101) are next to each other. Bind off stitch #101 over stitch #1, pull your cast on
tail to tighten the round and then transfer stitch #1 back to its original spot as stitch #1. Tighten
the cast on tail again, place a marker and your ready to begin. Love, love, love this join. There
are several videos on YouTube if you want to see how to do this technique.
1-14.....K1, P1, repeat this ribbing pattern to the end of each round.
15-17...K all stitches
18........P all stitches
19........K all stitches
20........P all stitches
21........K all stitches
22........P all stitches
23........K all stitches
24........P all stitches
25-27...K all stitches
28-31...K1 through the back of stitch, P1, repeat this pattern to the end of each round.
32-34...K all stitches
(Repeat rounds 18-34 two more times)
35-36...K all stitches
Change to double point needles as you do round 37.
Needle 1 - 12 stitches
Needle 2 - 12 stitches
Needle 3 - 12 stitches
Needle 4 - 14 stitches
37.........K2tog, repeat to the end of the round. (50 stitches)
38-41...K all stitches
42........K2tog, repeat to the end of the round. (25 stitches)
43........K2tog, repeat to the last 3 stitches and then K3tog. (12 stitches)
Cut yarn leaving 12". Using a darning needle, pull yarn through all the loops two times, pull the
yarn securely, then tie a small knot. Weave in both cast on and finishing tail . Spray with water