11 February, 13:43

Openwork Summer Top Knitting Needles

Openwork Summer Top Knitting Needles
Size: 38/40, Europe
Materials: circulo Fashion yarn (96% cotton, 4% tonnes of fiber, 100 g / 308 m.), Circular needles 3.0 mm. 60 cm long
Summer top knitting, description:
Back: dial 96 loops.
Knit gum: 3 persons. / 1 ​​out. - 8 cm. (26 rows).
Cut the thread and postpone work.
Before: knit like a back, but the thread does not break off.
Connections: transfer all loops to circular dimples.
Knit back and front loops together in a circle to a height of 33 cm. (41 cm. With an elastic band).
Next knit: 9 kn., Knit 10 rapports scheme, 17 kn., Knit 10 rapports scheme, 8 kn.
In the next a row of purl knit facial loops to get a scarf knit.
After 6 rows of garter, close 5 loops on each side for armholes.
The back and the pre continue to knit separately into a pattern + a scarf, simultaneously closing one loop on each side in each second row 3 times.
Before: knit another 6 cm.
Then close the neck loops, leaving only 12 cm on each side for the shoulders.
Tie back your shoulders to a height of 16 cm from the armhole.
Back dovyazat to a height of 16 cm. From the armhole and cast off.
Assembly: sew shoulders, sew side.
Insert a metal ring around the neck.
Summer top knitting scheme: