11 February, 11:30

Orange Blouse With Short Sleeves

Orange Blouse With Short Sleeves
Blouse with sleeves ¾
Blouse with short-sleeved knitting patterns on the schemes.
Size: Europe 38/40
Materials: 2 skeins of Círculo Barroco Maxcolor yarn (100% cotton, 200 g / 400 m.), Knitting needle No. 4.5, hook No. 4
Back: dial 72 loops with needles No. 4.5
Knit with a pattern according to scheme 1.
Next, continue to knit according to scheme 2
Go to scheme 3.
Repeat the rapport between * - * schemes 3.
At a height of 37 cm. a row 2 loops - 1 time and 1 loop once again.
At a height of 48 cm. Close the central 32 loop for the neck.
At a height of 56 cm. Close the shoulders.
Before: knit as back.
Sleeve: dial 46 loops with the needles number 4.5.
Knit pattern 1, starting from 3 persons., Then repeat the pattern of 10 loops 4 times and finish 3 persons.
At a height of 8 cm. Close each loop in each second row 1 loop - 15 times.
Close all loops.
Assembly: sew the shoulders and sides.
Sew in the armholes of the sleeves, complete the seams of the sleeves.
Hook to oblige the neck slychim step.
Blouse knitting scheme: