11 February, 14:45

Tunic With Mac & Jac Knitting Needles

Tunic With Mac & Jac Knitting Needles
Tunic is performed with needles from the bottom up.
At the bottom of the spit wide and tapering to the top.
Start knitting from the front surface of about 4-6 rows.
Then knit purl loops one row.
Again, knit the front satin 4-6 rows.
Bend the canvas and hem.
Next, knit according to the scheme, where the braid alternates on 24 loops and 4 loops on the back satin stitch.
Thus, knit 2 crosses of 24 loops, 2 crosses of 22 loops, 2 crosses of 18 loops, 2 crosses of 12 loops, 1 cross of 8 loops, and one of 4 loops.
At the same time, we make the cut after the last re-crossing over the 18th loops.
Separately, tie the raglan sleeve and add it to the coquette knitting.
The neck finish with a rubber band.
Knitting tunic, schemes: