11 January, 18:03

Warmest Mittens

You will need:
4 size 4 double‐pointed needles
4 size 5 double‐pointed needles
2 stitch markers
Stitch holder
Yarn needle
1 (4 ounce) skein heavy worsted weight yarn. Peace Fleece was used for the pictured
1. Cast 36 stitches on a size 4 double‐pointed needle. Divide the stitches among 3
of the needles, 12 stitches per needle. You will be using the fourth needle to knit
2. Join the stitches into a circle (be careful not to twist) and work 22 rounds in knit
2, purl 2 ribbing. This is the ribbed cuff.
3. Round 23: Work in stockinette stitch (knit only, since you’re working in the
round). Switch to size 5 needles by substituting 5 for 4 as you knit around. Set
the size 4 needles aside.
4. Knit 1 more round (for a total of 2 rounds on the size 5 needles). You will now
begin to increase to match the shape of the hand and to create the thumb
5. Knit 1 stitch and place one of the stitch markers immediately after it. Increase 1
by knitting through the front and back of the next stitch, and then knit 1. Place
the second marker. There are now 3 stitches between the markers. Increase 1,
then knit to the end of the round.
6. Knit 2 rounds, slipping the markers from your left to right needle as you go.
7. Knit 1, slip the marker to your right needle, increase 1, knit 1, increase 1. There
are 5 stitches between the markers. Knit to the end of the round, and knit 2
more rounds.
8. Repeat step 7, increasing after the first marker and before the second one until
you have 13 stitches between the markers. (Knit the additional 2 rounds after
each increase round.)
9. Knit 1 stitch as if you were starting a new round, then take the first marker off
and slide the 13 stitches off the needle and onto the stitch holder. You will use
these stitches later to create the thumb. Remove the second marker. You will
now be working 35 stitches on 3 needles.
10. Knit 25 rounds, or until desired length is reached.
11. Begin decreasing for the mitten tip. For the next 4 rounds, knit 4 stitches then
knit 2 together, repeating throughout the round.
12. For the last 2 rounds, knit 3 stitches, and then knit 2 together, repeating
throughout the round.
13. Cut a 12‐inch long tail and use your yarn needle to draw the tail through the
remaining stitches. Pull the yarn tight, secure, and weave in the ends.
For the thumb:
1. Slip the 13 reserved stitches from the stitch holder onto 2 size 5 needles, placing
7 stitches on one needle and 6 on the other.
2. Using a third size 5 needle, pick up 3 stitches in the space between the first 2
needles to form a triangle.
3. Starting on the right side of the third needle, knit a round, leaving an 8‐inch tail
to weave in later.
4. Knit 14 more rounds (or until desired length is reached).
5. Begin decreasing to create the thumb tip. Knit 1, then knit 2 together, repeating
to end of the round.
6. Next round: Knit two together throughout.
7. Cut an 8‐inch tail and use your yarn needle to draw the yarn through the
remaining stitches. Pull it tight, secure, and weave in and trim the end. Gently
tighten tail at base of the thumb and weave it in.
8. Repeat steps from casting on for the hand to make the second mitten!