10 January 2018, 08:40

Baby Cardigan

It is a beautiful jacket size 0/3 months.
It is woven with three-ply cotton (you will use little more than 100 gr) and 2'5 needles.
It does not matter if you do not use the same cotton, as long as the wool is appropriate for 2.5 needles,

The size will be for 0/3 months.
If the wool is thicker and the needles too, the size of the garment will be greater.
Remember, as I always tell you, follow the instructions to the letter.
do not skip a single step and you'll get it because ... it
's EASY.

- Mount 58 points.
- knit 6 passes to stitch point (all woven points on the right).
During all the work we will use this point, unless otherwise indicated.
- 3punt, strand, 1 punt, strand, 11punt, strand, 1punt, strand, 26 punt, strand, 1punt, hbr, 11 punt, hbr,
1 punt, hebr, 3 points.
- All the points of the right
- Assemble 4 points (at the beginning of the pass), knit 1punt, thread, 2 together 8 (buttonhole), 5 points, thread,
1 point, thread, 13 point, thread, 1punt, thread, 28 punt, strand, 1punt, strand, 13 punt, strand,
1punt, strand, 4 dpunt.
- Mount 4 points at the beginning of the pass, finish working all the points of the right.

- Assemble 7 new points, 16 points, strand, 1 point, strand, 15 points, strand, 1 point, strand,
30 points, strand, 1 point, strand, 15 points, strand, 1 point, strand, 9 punts.

- Assemble 7 new points and weave the entire pass, as we have been doing, of the right.

- 17 punt, strand, 1 point, strand, 17 point, strand, 1 point, strand, 32 point, strand, 1 point, strand, 17 point
, strand, 1pnt, strand, 17 points.

- knit all the points of the right.

- 18 punt, hbr, 1 punt, hbr, 19 punt, hbr, 1 punt, hbr, 34 puntos, hbr, 1 punto, hbr, 19 punt,
hbr, 1 punt, hbr, 18 punt.

- All the points of the right.

Continue this increase routine until you have 15 holes.
Do not forget that in the past pairs all the points of the right are knitted, no longer increases.

Look at the photos, you are knitting the top of the jacket, the holes mark the armholes
and separate the front of the sleeves and back.
Eye! if you are critical with the photos. in this sample that I teach you, I did not knit the 6 passes of the
right of the beginning and ..... it's wrong! I do not like! better as we have started.

Once you're done with the armholes ... we continue.

- Weave the 29 punts of the first striker and put the woven points in a discard yarn,

(we will leave them on hold), we are on the right side of the job.

Cut the wool with which you are knitting leaving about 10 cm of excess.

- Continue with the sleeve, but before you start, add 2 new points to the start and include

the central point (guide point) of the opening of the armhole, that point that you see in the previous photo

between the two holes. When you reach the end of the pass of the manga,

add another 2 new points, (is to give "game" to the armhole).

- Pass the stitches of the back (without weaving new pass) to another discarded wool.

- Pass the points of the sleeve to a discard wool, as they appear, without weaving new passes

or adding points, we will do so later. Of course, remember to include the

center point of the draft (guiding point) in the sleeve .

- Pass the points of the striker to another discarded wool (no new weave past)

Look at the photo, one sleeve is already woven, the other is ready to finish and

see the front and back "on hold", collected with a wool discard.

Let's knit the sleeve.

- With the stitches already on the needle, knit 10 passes and decrease one stitch on each side.

Work 32 passes more, decreasing 2 points every 10 passes.

You must have 40 points and plus or minus 12 cm.


knit the first stitch and then two together, reach the end and knit together the 2 previous to the last.


When you have 12 cm and for the right of the work:

1st .- 5 punts right, 2 punts back, 3 rd and we mount the first of the three over the

next two . Repeat until the end.

2nd.- All the points of the right except the 2 points that we have mounted, which, are knitted upside down.

3rd.- 5dcha, 2 reverse, 1dcha, strand, 1 right, repeat this until the end.

4th.- all of the right except the 3 points of the drawing that are woven inside out.

(they are the thread and the previous and subsequent points)

5th - same as the 1st.

6th .- Close the points for the reverse of the work.


Take one of the needles points of the next sleeve, which you have in waiting.

Pick them up keeping the work on the right side, from right to left. Remember that

you must have included the center points of the draft and work it like the previous one,

do not forget to add 2 new points at the beginning and at the end of the pass.


Make it like this:

With the work on the right side, put in one of the needles the points of the front that is also

to the right and then the back points.

On the other needle put the points of the striker left, only the front

(remember where we had left the end of the wool with which you are knitting.)

In both cases we began to collect the points from the edge of the jacket inwards

(look at the picture)

add with a knot the wool of the ball to the end that you left cut to make the sleeves and begin to weave:

Add 4 new points between the front and the back, knit the back and when finishing the pass

add another 4 punts between the back and the another forward.

Continue weaving stitch until you have more or less 11cm.

Now the drawing of the auction begins.

For the right of the work:

1 .- 5 right, 2 back, 3 right and of these 3 ride the 1st on the last. repeat everything until the end.

2 .- all of the dcho except the 3 q we have mounted q are knitted upside down

3 .- 5 right, 2 backwards, 1 right, strand, 1 right, repeat everything until the end

4th .- all right except the 3 we have mounted They are knitted upside down.

5th - same as the 1st.

6th.- We close all the points.


With a 2.5 crochet needle, work the entire border of the neckline to dwarfed and finish on the next pass with a crab point.
(it's the same dwarf point but weaving from left to right)

and here source spanish language : https://carmenbecares.blogspot.com/2017/03/chaqueta-bebe-tejido-dos-agujas-baby.html?utm_source=facilisimo.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=facilisimo