22 October 2017, 14:53

Knit Kid Cardigan

I should be working on a WIP but instead knitted a swatch of this raglan stitch pattern just to see if it works. 
It is a multiple of 10 rows and should work fine for any top down raglan which has increases every other row. It is easy but a marker might be helpful to identify the center stitch. 
The bottom 2 sections are complete the top one, 5 rows done.
These directions are for each raglan beginning with the first increase row. .
Row 1. (RS) Knit and make a YO on each side of center stitch of each raglan.
Row 2. (WS) Purl to yo. Knit yo, center st, yo. P to next yo section (You now have 3 center stitches.)
Row 3. Knit to center 3 sts. Yo, k3, yo, knit to next raglan .
Row 4. Purl to yo. Knit yo, k3, yo. (5 center sts)
Row 5. K to center 5 sts, yo, k5, yo, knit to next raglan.
Row 6. As row 4
continue in this way for 10 rows total until there are 11 center sts. in the increase 'fan' then begin again at row 1.
Repeat these 10 rows for required length of raglan. In a finer yarn I think it will look more 'finished'.