25 October 2017, 00:43

Bolero Jacket Crochet

In uninterrupted knitting, I can say novices, but it's not difficult, the bottom I already contacted in two days and at great intervals, if not distracted, and one day can be tied. 
I hope for the support and help from your side, together we are strength and we will be able to overcome everything. 
I show that I did, but I still can not decide with a width, while I knit up and then I try on my daughter

The order of untying the motives 

we start with the left lower motive in the diagram, we move while knitting the second row on the arrows. 

To determine the desired number of motives, it is better to link a sample of 2 motifs.
We pick up a chain of 5 vp, we close in a ring, 

5 in, * CCN in a ring from Vp, 2 *, repeat from * to * 6 more times, connect. Art. in the 3 st. We get

2 nd row - connection. a column in an arch from the arch, 5 in, 3 CC2N into the arch of the cave (and then CC2H is made into the arch of the cn), 3 in, 4 CC2N, 11 in, 4 CC2N, 3 in, 4 CC2N, 11 in, 4 CC2N, 3 in, 4 CC2N. The knitting of the first motive at this place was killed. We get

Now we need to move on knitting the next motive. To this end, we must, with the help of a "like", go to the central part of it -

we assume that up to the junction point of the motives is 6 bp, then 5 bp in the half of the arch, 5 bp instead of C 2 H, 1 in, 3 in instead of the CCH, and finally 5 in the ring. Thus, 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 25 in. That is, to go to the center of the next motive, we need to do 25 volts. We get

We close the ring in 5B from the hook

Now we need to start the 1st row of the motive, for this, instead of vp, we make a connection. columns on a chain of air loops. 
We make 4 connections. Art. by a chain of e. It looks so

Further 1 in, * CCN into a ring of 5 in, 2 in *,

repeat from * to * 6 more times, connect. st in the 3rd. st, another connection. Art. in the arch

Now we move on to knitting the second row of the second motive, for this we climb up the chain of the air loops using 5 wires. Art. we make sure that the chain is not twisted. Then 3CC2N in the arch, 1 in, and now connect the second motif with the first in the central part - do the connection. Art. in the central of the 3-th arch of the previous motive (we make sure that there are no twists and motifs connected by faces to the faces)

1 in, 4CC2N in the next. arch from the V-6, we make a connection. Art. in the 6th angle of the arch from the air loops of the previous motive

5 in, 4 CC2N, 3 in, 4 CC2N, 11 in, 4 CC2N, 3 in, 4 CC2N. At this point, you can either go to knitting the next motive, similar to how I used to write, but since I knit the pattern, we'll tie the tops of the motifs. Further 11 in, 4 CC2N, 3 in, 4 CC2N, 5 in, connection to 6th in

Now we connect the first motif - 5 in, 4 CC2N into the arch from the first motive, 3 in the middle, 4 CC2N. At this point, you can climb up to knit the motive from above - for this we again do 25 volts, etc. And you can just finish the motif by making 11 vp and join. Art. Get a sample

Well, here we are and we figured out how to knit this motif without interruption, if there are questions - ask. This is my first online, I will study with you together. 

Now we steam the sample and measure it

All good luck and even loops, do not forget to show that you have been imposed.

Scheme to blouse 

Painted, can someone like it more I

found another such video on this scheme, only in the video knit with cn3nakids I knit as in the scheme with two capes, but it will be good helpers for many