2 November 2017, 15:55

Bolero with fish scale pattern

How to knit "fish scale" pattern
1- Dial the long chain and to tie, alternately tying out two bars with a crochet and 2 air loops.
2- From 2 columns with a crochet to knit on 10 columns with 2 crochets ( in one segment only 20 bars are formed ).

Start knitting from the bottom. Dial a chain and tie off 28 columns with a crochet. Link 4 rows of motif. 3 Set aside the motive for one front shelf. After 3 motives for a sleeve to type a chain of 50 air loops and connect it to the back, leaving 1 motive in the middle. Set aside for the back 6 motives, type a chain of 50 air loops, leaving 1 motif in the middle and connect with the other front shelf, for which there are 3 motives. Tie the sleeves of 5 motifs. In every 2nd row of the motif between the sleeve and the front is reduced by 1 motive.