11 January, 16:12

Beautiful Crochet Dress

This crocheted dress in the style of the 20s will make the figure slimmer and sleeker. Beautiful knitted dress is perfect for a new year or other celebrations.

Model Lyudmila Vostrikovoy
Size: 38-40

You will need: Maharaja yarn (100% silk, 640 m / 100 g) - 400 g of the color of a dusty rose, hook No. 2.

Crochet dress description:

The dress fits from the waist in a circle down to the hem, then from the waist in a circle up to the shoulder cuts. Dial a chain of 252 airs. n. and lock it into a ring. Knit under the scheme 1.

In the ring should get 14 rapports.
In the next vertical row should be 17 rapports. To do this, make evenly 12 additions according to the scheme 2 in the 8th row from the beginning of knitting and then another 6 additions according to the scheme 2 in the 9th row (the increments are highlighted in gray in the diagram). After every six additions, you get one new rapport. Thus, in the next row of vertical rapports, 17 rapports should turn out horizontally. In the second vertical row of rapports (= 16th row from the start of knitting), again perform additions in 12 rapports according to scheme 2 (for example, in the 1-6th rapport and in the 8-13th rapport). And do the 6 additions in the 17th row of scheme 2. In the third row of vertical rapports, they should be 20 horizontally. After completing this part of the dress, 360 loops are made in the ring.

Next, you need to subtract 24 loops to get 42 rapport in a row (= 336 loops). Follow subtractions as shown in diagram 3.
For this knit 30 rapports from 8 loops and another 12 rapports from 10 loops. To make the canvas uniform, distribute 12 rapports of 10 loops between rapports of 8 loops.
Rows 4-5 of scheme 3 repeat 14 times. In the last row (it should be similar to the fifth row) add 24 loops subtracted earlier.
To do this, in a row of 42 rapports evenly add 1 ac. n. in 24 rapport. Next, knit one vertical rapport according to the scheme 1 = 20 horizontal rapports along the hem.

For the top of the dress from the initial chain of vozd. sew in a circle evenly 36 rapports according to scheme 3 (for this, one rapport should fit in 7 loops). 4th and 5th rows of scheme 3, repeat 11 times. From the waist should get 25 rows. In the 26th row, add 1 rapport on the right and left sides of scheme 4 and knit 9 more rows (26-34th row).
Next, before the back and knit separately in turning rows. To arm the sleeves on the right and left sides of the dress, tie 2 chains of 10 each. On these chains, start knitting the front fabric according to the pattern 5 and then from the same loops tie the backrest fabric according to the scheme 5.
For a sprout on the back of the 53-54th row, knit completely (on all 10 rapports), from the 55th row follow the reductions for the neck in accordance with scheme 5.

Perform shoulder seams. Tie the neck and armhole 1 next to Art. b / n, 1 near Art. s / n and crawling step. Tie a belt for a dress in the form of a cord “caterpillar” approximately 150 cm long.