2 February, 09:59


Hello dear readers of my blog!

Finally, a set of plaid and hats for a newborn granddaughter Zlatochka is ready! heart

The newborn hat knitted very quickly, but I knitted a blanket for a newborn for a very long time! Our granddaughters were visiting with us, and as you understand, all attention was riveted on his small but very important person.

In addition, the blanket is not a hat, the size has turned out as much as 102 x 92 cm.



This set took me 7, 5 hanks of the very soft and pleasant to the touch Turkish JEANS yarn of the YarnArt brand (50 g - 160 m) of a milky color, consisting of 55% cotton and 45% acrylic.

I knitted a plaid and a hat with circular needles No. 3 (although the usual ones are suitable for a hat ), using the patterns “Bukle” and “Openwork squares” .

Knitting a plaid for a newborn
On the spokes №3 recruit 211 loops and knit on circular needles 6 cm (mine is 20 rows) pattern "Boucle". Then distribute the loop and knit:

remove 1 edge, 14 loops continue to knit pattern “Boucle”, 181 loop knit pattern “Openwork squares”, 14 loops - pattern “Boucle” and 1 edge face.

When knitting a plaid, it is necessary to periodically measure the canvas, otherwise by the end of the work I began to unnoticeably knit tighter and thus narrowed the plaid, I had to part of the canvas to dissolve and bandage.

Having knitted 80 cm with the pattern “Openwork squares” ( 86 cm from the beginning of the work), we again switch to knitting using only the “Boucle” pattern, we knit them with 6 cm . Close all the loops.

The plaid for the newborn granddaughter is connected! It remains only to fill the strings and carefully wash it with their own handles.yes

Knitting hats for a newborn
A hat for a newborn is a variant of a baby cap , which I knitted for my granddaughter last fall. The cap is shaped like a bonnet and I really like it.

For knitting hats for newborn recruit 57 loops (this is 27 cm) by spokes №3 and knit 12 rows (which is 3, 5 cm) "Boucle" pattern. This is the top of the cap.

Then go to the pattern "Openwork squares" and knit them 7, 5 cm (from the beginning of knitting - 11 cm).

It's time to start rounding the cap, which we do. The number of loops (57) is divisible by 3 and we get the following alignment: 19 - 19 - 19 loops.

The average 19 loops are a constant number, but the side loops will be reduced according to the principle of reducing the heel toe loops .

We knit 19 loops (along with the edge band) “Openwork squares”, 18 loops with the “Bukle” pattern, knit the next 2 loops together with the wrong side, turn the knitting to the wrong side.

The loop formed from two loops tied together becomes edge, we remove it,
further we knit according to the pattern “Boucle” (front over face, back over back) 17 loops,
The next two loops are knitted with the front one tilted to the left ( we remove the 1st loop as the front one, we knit the 2nd one with the front one and pull it through the first loop, or we put the removed loop on the knit one).
Knitting unfold.

We remove the front loop that was formed from two knitted together as an edge loop, knit it with a “Boucle” 17 loops, knit the next two loops together with a purl, unfold knitting, and so on ...

Thus, in the middle part the number of loops ( 19 together with the edge ones) remains unchanged, and the side parts gradually decrease due to decreases. As a result, 19 loops remain on the needles (as in the photo).

In order for the newborn's cap to fit its head well, we knit the remaining 19 loops of the middle part of the cap, 2 together (we remove the edge, 2 together the front, 2 together the back and so on). On the needles - 10 loops.

For the pigtails of the edge loops of the right side, we collect the loops to the top of the cap (I gained 13 loops) and knit them with the “Boucle” pattern. The lapel is bent in half on the front side and from the paired (double folded) braids of the side part of the lapel, we knit it out one loop at a time, I have 3 loops.

Next, for the stitches, we type 55 loops with air loops , knit them, hat loops, type 13 loops on the pigtails of the edge loops of the left side of the cap , and knit them to the cuff.

Lapel bend to the front side. We knit 3 loops from the folded edge braids , recruit 55 air loops for the second set.

We knit the first row of the tie with face loops ( 55 loops), with the “Boucle” pattern we knit 42 loops of the cap and 55 loops of the right tie. On the needles - 152 loop.

We will knit the next two rows with the “Boucle” pattern, then close the 81 stitches, and knit the rest of the stitches to the end of the row so that the strings are the same in width.

We close the loops of the second set and the remaining loops of the cap. We crochet the thread pieces. A hat for a newborn knitting is connected!

But my daughter did not work for her in this form, a hat for a newborn, she decorated her own beads to her taste.

I hope you liked the blanket and cap for a newborn with knitting needles that I knitted for my granddaughter.

Plaid And Hat For The Newborn Video