11 January, 16:55

Crochet Dress With Openwork Pattern

Openwork dress with long sleeves and a different waist highlighted by the other pattern looks solemn and romantic. For knitting a dress, you can choose a bright thread with glitter, then the openwork pattern on a dark background will be well highlighted, but it does not look catchy.

Model Anna Belavina
Size: 38

You will need : yarn (100% cotton with lurex, 282 m / 50 g) - 300 g in violet, hook # 2.

Attention! Before starting work, make a full-sized pattern of the product in accordance with your measurements.
Start to knit dress with hem. Knit the hem round bottom-up with pattern 1 to the required length. To form a fitted silhouette of the product, perform a decrease in accordance with the pattern. Next, knit a belt pattern in a pattern of 2-6 rows.

After that, continue to knit the upper part of the dress around the pattern in scheme 1, calculating the number of rapports according to your measurements. After 5 rows divide the work in half and then knit each part separately.



Crochet Dress Description:

Crochet Dress Description:

Back : for rounding the armhole, tie 1 row with declines. Next, knit 3 rows straight. Then untie the neckline in accordance with the pattern.

Before finishing symmetrically to the back. Perform shoulder seams with wear. parties. Neckline tie 1 pattern next to the pattern 2.

Sleeve knit pattern for pattern 1 . Dial a chain of vozd. p., corresponding to 7 reports of the pattern, and knit in a circle to the required length, taking into account the cuff. Subtracting for okat sleeves execute in accordance with the pattern. Knit the cuff of the sleeves with a pattern according to scheme 2. Tie the finished sleeves to the armhole of the dress, perform an easy assembly on the shoulder, forming a “flashlight”.