10 February, 22:47

Free Pattern Alpaca Knit Roller

Pillow size: length 55 cm, girth 60 cm.

Materials: Monica Yarns "Baby Alpaca Peru" yarn (100% alpaca, 100 m / 50 g): 200 g of light green color No. 720; circle, needles number 5 100 cm long hook number 4.5; filler for the roller.

Patterns for knitting pillows

Pattern with braids B: knit according to scheme B. Distribute the paragraph according to the instructions. Knit 1x p. 1-14, 5x p. 33-68, 1x p. 69-86.

Crochet hem: crochet according to the scheme, start at the arrow a and constantly repeat the rapport = 30 st. b.n. between arrows b and c. If the symbols converge downwards, knit from the same vertex, and if they converge upwards, knit the item together.

Knitting density: 26.5 and 25 p. pattern with braids in the needles number 5 = 10 x 10 cm; 1 rapport and 10 p. crochet border number 4,5 = 12 x 16.5 cm.

Alpaca Knit Roller

Progress: dial 116 p. And knit 1 p. = ex. R. from p. Then distribute the p. trace in the following way: Krom., 2 p. smooth surface, patterned with braids. In 5x rapports between the arrows, 2 p. smooth After the 73rd p. Scheme B on the needle again 116 p. Close p.

Assembly: sew type and closed edges. Tie open sides of the roller with a crochet edging: in the 1st circle. R. knit 120 st. b. n = 4 rapport between arrows. Weave 2 cords approximately 80 cm long, see p. 98, of 12 threads and pull through the 2nd circle. R. rims. Attach the filler and tie the cords on the knot.

The pattern of the pattern to the knitted alpaca roller: