11 March, 13:27

Free Pattern Blue Hat With Harnesses

The blue cap with the harnesses, the description of which I took from the magazine “Sabrina Baby”, is knitted with knitting from the bottom up.

I had to tweak the pattern of the pattern a little and now it completely matches the pattern of the cap, which combines the harnesses on 2 loops and the “Potanka” pattern.

Blue hat for baby knitting

DIMENSIONS: 62-68 (74-80) 92-98
REQUIRED: 1 skein of blue yarn from 100% wool (220 m / 50 g); stocking needles number 3.
PATTERNS: harness of 2 loops, “Puntanka” on 5 loops.
KNITTING DENSITY: 29 loops and 45 circular rows - 10 x 10 cm.



Description of work
On the stocking needles dial 90 (99) 108 loops, distribute into 4 needles and knit according to the pattern:

* 1 loop purl satin, 2 loops - with a rope, 1 loop purl satin, 5 loops "twist" *. From * to * repeat 9 (10) 11 times.
Circuit pattern for circular knitting

- 1 loop we will retake on auxiliary needle FOR work, 1 front, a loop from an auxiliary needle is knitted front.

At a distance of 12.5 (13.5) 14.5 cm from the dial-up row, we knit 3 loops together from the loops of the “muddle” ( 6th, 7th and 8th ), on the spokes 70 (77) 86 loops .

In the next circular row of the decrease we repeat, on the needles - 50 (55) 60 loops. In the next round row we knit 3 loops together purl between the strands, on the needles 30 (33) 36 loops.

In the next circular row, we knit 2 loops of the harnesies together with the front one, and on the spokes 20 (22) 24 loops. In the next round row, we knit all the loops of 2 each face together, on the needles 10 (11) 12 loops.

For the formation of the tip of the cap, we knit these loops with another 2.5 cm with the front satin stitch, then stretch the working thread through them, tighten and sew firmly. Cap ready!