11 March, 10:25

Free Pattern Butterfly Knit Model Modeled Baby Vest Model Making

A wonderful baby vest model that is created by combining butterfly motifs made with knitting needles. You can learn the model immediately and use it in your braids.

There are many knitting motifs for knitted baby vests. Many of these motifs are made with skewers. Women who are going to knit should learn these motifs first. It is important how the motifs are made to be used in knitted fabrics. Many women wondered and want to learn the model of the butterfly weave will do in this article. The pictures show the details of the roba and vest model. You will be able to learn how it is done here.



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Written by 24 stitches on the collar, there will be 22 stitches inadvertently correcting it.

The number of stitches on the pictures is written. Depending on the size of the vest you will make, this stitch can be increased or decreased. Pictures taken from elaydi_knitting belong to the owner of the page. You can learn the construction of butterfly knitting motifs and application to the baby vest in the video below. Let's learn about the construction of this weave. These motifs look great on babies.


Butterfly Knitting Baby Vest Model Making