11 March, 11:01

Free Pattern Cap With Ears - Knit From The Top

Gentle pink color and hearts are the invariable attribute of girls. But if the hearts are removed and the color of the yarn is changed to darker (or bluer) smile, the boy will also be able to wear a hat, especially since there is plenty of sizes for this hat!

Pink hat

HEAD COVERAGE: 32-34 (35-37) 38-40 cm.
1 skein of pink, 1 skein of white yarn Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Merino Wool (100% wool, 25 g / 85 m) or, if the cap for the warm season, Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Cotton (100% cotton, 25 g / 92 m);
stocking needles number 3.
front smooth surface (in circular rows all loops are facial);
garter knitting (alternating 1 row in circular rows with front loops, 1 row with purl loops),
jacquard pattern (we knit with the front satin finish according to the counting pattern; when changing the color, we cross the threads on the wrong side so that there are no holes).
KNITTING DENSITY: 26 loops and 34 rows of the front satin stitch - 10 x 10 cm.
Description of work
We collect 8 loops with a pink thread, lock them into a ring and knit with the front smooth surface of 6 circular rows.

In the next circular row after each loop, we add from the broach 1 a crossed front loop, on the needles - 16 loops.

All new added loops are marked and then in each 2nd circular row we add 1 loop either before the marked loop or immediately after it - thus, 8 loops are always added in a row .

Such additions need to be done 8 (9) 10 times, resulting in 80 (88) 96 loops.

Next, we knit a jacquard pattern according to the counting pattern 10 (11) 12 rapports ( 8 loops in one rapport ).

After 25 rows, we begin to knit a garter stitch, knitting the first row with purl loops.

Having knitted 10 circular rows with garter stitch , in the next circular row we close the last 6 (7) 8 loops, then knit the first 21 (23) 25 garter stitch loops, after we close 26 (28) 30 loops and add 21 (23) 25 loops with garter stitch .

For every 21 (23) 25 loops, we knit a garter stitch (in all rows with front loops) headphones, while knitting the edge loops in the front and back rows with facial loops.

In each 2nd row on both sides we reduce 1 loop, until 3 loops remain . On these 3 hinges with a garter stitch, we knit a string with a length of 20 cm, closing the loops.