11 March, 12:07

Free Pattern Cap with Pom Pon On Top

This pretty hat with a pimp on top of its head will suit both a girl and a boy, and it knits in a circle from bottom to top with a compressed relief pattern, which can also be used as a decorative rubber band.

Children's hat knitting

HEAD COVERAGE: 37 (40) cm.
HEIGHT OF CAPS (without tip): 16.5 (18.5) cm.
50 g bright pink Schachenmayr Micro yarn (100% polyacryl, 145 m / 50 g),
set of stocking needles №3.
KNITTING DENSITY: 26 loops and 33 rows of hanging beads pattern - 10 x 10 cm.

Knitting Pattern "Hanging Beads"

Knitting Pattern "Hanging Beads"



In even circular rows, we knit according to the pattern design: front loops - above the front ones, and backs - over the back ones.
Repeat the pattern from the 1st to the 12th row.
Description of work
We collect on the stocking needles 96 (104) loops and knit a pattern of "Hanging beads" 12 (14) cm - this is 40 (46) circular rows.

In the 5th (11th) row, according to the pattern scheme, we diminish 24 (26) loops as follows: we perform double broaching on 3 front loops 12 (13) times, and we do not knit the crossed facial of transverse threads, so we get 72 ( 78) loops. Next, we knit alternately 2 purl, 1 facial.

Then, 2 times in each 4th circular row, we knit each front and previous loop with the front loop, with 48 (52) loops on the needles . They knit facial.

Next, we knit 2 loops together with the front one in each 2nd circular row 2 times, 12 (13) loops on the spokes .

In the next circular row, we knit 2 loops together in front of the face 6 times, 6 (7) loops remain . We knit on these loops 2 cm, then we tighten the loops with a working thread.