11 March, 10:46

Cap With Three Pompons

Initially, this charming hat with three pom-poms from the “Knitting your KIDS Extra Hobby” magazine was offered as a hat for a boy (oh, this blue boy color! ), But I think that it will look good on the head of a little girl too!

Children's hat knitting

HEAD COVERAGE: 37 (40 cm).
HEIGHT OF CAPS: 12 (14) cm.
Will need:
50 g Schachenmayr Micro Bamboo yarn (145 m / 50 g) made from 50% viscose (bamboo) and 50% polyacryl or other suitable yarn;
5 stocking needles №4.
KNITTING DENSITY: 24 loops and 32 rows - 10 x 10 cm.
PATTERNS: the front surface (in the circular rows all the loops are facial); "Chess 3 x 3" according to the pattern.
Knitting pattern "Chess 3 x 3"

Knitting Pattern "Chess 3 x 3"

Knitting Pattern "Chess 3 x 3"

Chess 3 x 3 pattern for circular knitting
Repeat 6 loops of rapport, end with loops after rapport.
Repeat from the 1st to the 6th round row.



Description of work

We collect on the stocking needles 90 (96) loops and knit 4 circular rows of the front surface. In the 5th circular row we knit this way: * 2 together with the front one, with a cap * (from * to * repeat to the end of the row).

We knit another 5 circular rows with the front satin stitch, then move to the knitting pattern "Checkerboard 3 x 3".

After 10 (12) cm from the row with holes, we mark 10 (12) times each 9th (8th) loop and knit each marked loop with the previous loop together with the front one, we get 80 (84) loops.

Next, we knit the front satin stitch, also knitting each marked loop with the previous one along the front one 1 time in the 2nd row, and 1 time in the next round row, 60 loops on the needles .

How To Twist The Drawstring

How To Twist The Drawstring

We take 2 threads of the same length (the length depends on the required length of the lace), fold them together and twist: clockwise with your right hand, counterclockwise with your left hand (Figure 1).
We fold the string in half, holding the middle of the threads (Figure 2).
We connect the ends and knot them, releasing the middle of the lace (Figure 3).

Then in each circular row we knit 2 loops together on the front one. When there are 15 loops left on the needles , we tighten them with a working thread, having previously passed the needle with the thread through each remaining loop. We tuck the edge of the openwork row to the wrong side and sew.

We make 3 pompons with a diameter of 3 cm and sew to the cap. How to make pompons, you can see HERE .

Twist 2 laces with a length of 40 cm and sew them to the cap. Cap ready