11 February, 12:52

Free Pattern Cardigan With A Pattern Of Broaches

Sizes. 38/42 (44/48)

You will need. Yarn (80% recycled flax (viscose), 20% flax; 105 m / 50 g) - 900 (1000) g beige; circular needles number 7.

Pattern for knitting openwork cardigan with needles

Knit only double thread. Due to the large number of loops, we recommend knitting on circular needles in rows in the forward and reverse direction.

Elastic. The number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2. Facial rows: alternately 2 facial, 2 purl, finish 2 facial. Purl rows: knit loops on the picture.

Facial smoothness. Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Seamy surface. Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops.

Underline edge (2 loops). At the beginning of the series 1 n. The front surface, 1 n. at the end of a row of 1 n. purl satin, 1 n. facial satin.

Pattern of broaches. The number of loops is a multiple of 4 = knit acc. pattern. On it are given the facial and purl rows. Start with loops before rapport, repeat regularly, repeat loops after rapport. Constantly repeat the 1st through 4th rows.

Knitting density: 11.5 p. X 17 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Attention. Cardigan to armhole knit a single cloth.

Description of knitting openwork cardigan knitting. Use double-thread to make 174 (190) loops on the spokes and tie 2 cm for the strap with an elastic band without edgeband. Continue the pattern of broaches, at the same time start and finish 2 sections with an underlined edge, respectively, and in the 1st row, subtract 2 points = 172 (188) points. (62) n. For shelves and first continue to work for the back on the middle 56 (64) n. Acc. the pattern, while in the 1st row on both sides add 1 edge and knit it with the front satin = 58 (66) n. These added edge are not taken into account on the pattern. After 57.5 cm = 98 rows (61 cm = 104 rows) from the plank, close for the shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 4 (5) section, then in each 2nd row close 2 x 4 (5) section. Through 61 cm = 104 rows (64.5 cm = 110 rows) from the bar to close the remaining 34 (36) paragraphs, with an average of 26 points forming a neck, external to 4 (5) n. - shoulders. Then left 58 (62) points for the left shelf to include in the work and continue to work according to pattern, while on the right edge add 1 edging and knit it with the front satin finish = 59 (63) n. The added edging is not included in the pattern.

Shoulder bevel on the right edge to run through 57.5 cm = 98 rows (61 cm = 104 rows) from the slat, as on the back. After 61 cm = 104 rows (64.5 cm = 110 rows) from the strip, close the last 4 (5) shoulder sections and continue working on the remaining 43 loops according to the collar. pattern, with the 1st loop knit, as the edge, finish 2 n. underlined edge. After 9.5 cm = 16 rows from the start of knitting the collar close all the loops. Then put in work left loops for the right shelf and finish the work in mirror image. Sleeves. Double thread to dial on the spokes for each sleeve on 36 (44) loops and for the strap between the edge knit elastic. Then continue the pattern of broaches between the edges, with 2 items in the 1st row = 38 (46) items.

Simultaneously add 1x1 pt for the bevel of the sleeves on both sides in the next 4th row, then 4x1 pt = 48 (56) p in each 8th row. in the pattern. Through 26 cm = 44 rows from the plank, tie another 1 cm = 2 rows with the front satin stitch, then close all the loops.

Assembly. Run shoulder seams. The closed edges of both halves of the collar sew and sew the collar in the neck of the back. Then turn the collar half inwards and secure in the middle of the backrest with several stitches for 14 cm. Run the seams of the sleeves and sew the sleeves.

Pattern knitting openwork cardigan knitting