10 February, 20:38

Free Pattern Cushion Cover

Dimensions: 40 cm in diameter and 6 cm high.

Materials 300 g of mustard-yellow yarn of the “Mille II” type (50% merino wool, 50% polyacryl, suitable for washing in a washing machine, 55 m / 50 g) and 300 g of sectioned dyed yarn of the “Mille II Print” color linden and plums from Lana Grossa, circular needles No. 8, 60 and 100 cm long; set of stocking needles number 8; cotton wool for stuffing.

The density of knitting: gum on the needles number 8 (not stretching): 12 p. And 15 circle, p = 10 x 10 cm.

Patterns for knitting pillows

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - LP, izn. R. -Ip in a circle. R. - all LP.

Gum: alternately 1 LP. 1 PI. Add 1 p.: Vyvyazat 1 PL, crossed, from the broach.

Job Description Covers begin to knit from the bottom middle. First knit in straight and back rows, then a circle, in rows.

On short circular needles dial 9 n and knit persons. smooth back and forth rows, starting from the 1st of W. row. 2nd row (persons): alternately knit 1 PL, add 1 n, finish 1 LP = 17 p.

3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19th rows of PI 4th ​​row: alternately 2 LP, add 1 p, finish 1 LP = 25 p.

6th row: alternately 3 LP, add 1 p., Finish 1 LP = 33 p.

8th row alternately 4 LP, add 1 p., Finish 1 LP = 41 p.

10th row: alternately 5 LP, add 1 p., Finish 1 LP = 49 p.

12th row: alternately 6 LP. add 1 p., finish 1 lp = 57 p.

14th row: alternately 7 LP, add 1 p., Finish 1 LP = 65 p.

16th row: alternately 8 PL, add 1 p., Finish 1 LP = 73 p.

18th row: alternately 9 LP, add 1 p., Finish 1 LP = 81 p.

20th row: alternately 1 LP, add 1 p. At the end of the row to knit the last loop together with the 1st PI, thereby closing the loop into the ring = 160 p.

Now knit a rubber band in a circle on long circular needles, while starting with the next. loop, knit alternately 1 PL, 1 and P.

After 22 cm = 33 circle, from the beginning of the rubber band to move back to the short circular needles and continue to knit the faces. stitch in a circle, while reducing the loop as follows: in the 1 st lap, knit 2 rows along the line together with the LP, while tying the LP together with the previous PI = 80 n.

In the 3rd round, in a row, knot together the PL every 9th and 10th paragraph = 72 p.

In the 5th circle of the series, knit together the PL every 8th and 9th section = 64.

In the 7th circle, a row of tying together the PL every 7th and 8th paragraph = 56, p.

In the 9th circle, in a row, tie the PL together every 6th and 7th paragraph = 48 paragraph.

Continue to knit in the same way until there is only 8 left. With a decrease in the number of loops go to the hosiery, evenly distributing the loops to 4 needles.

The remaining 8 points to tighten the working thread. Thread carefully thread

Assembly. Cover tightly with cotton. Hole sew.