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Free Pattern Hooded Jacket For Boy

Dimensions 104/110 (116/122)

You will need. Yarn (100% sheep wool; 160 m / 50 g) - 250 (300) g in the color of a gray stone; sectional dyeing yarn (50% sheep non-peeling wool, 50% cotton; 760 m / 200 g) - 200 g mint green / turquoise / bright blue / emerald; Knitting needles No. 5, circular needles No. 5 with a length of 40 cm; stocking needles №5.

Patterns for knitting a jacket for a boy with knitting needles

Facial smoothness. Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. In the circular rows of all loops knit facial.

Shawl. Front and back rows - front loops. When circular knitting knit alternately 1 row of facial, 1 row of purl.

Edge hinges. Knit "knotted edge."

Knitting density 16 p. X 23 p. = 10 x 10 cm, tied with a frontal satin double thread. The sample is made on the needles No. 5.

Attention. All details of the model are knitted with a double thread (= 1 gray thread and 1 sectional dyeing thread).

Description of knitting a jacket for a boy with knitting needles

The back and shelves. Dial 116 (118) points, hang up markers to separate parts: 31 (34) paragraphs of the right shelf, 54 (60) paragraphs of the backrest, 31 (34) paragraphs of the left shelf. For the bottom strap knit 3 p. garter viscous, while starting with a purse row. Next, distribute the loops as follows: chrome., 2 P. shawl knit, 110 (122) n. Front face (see p. A2), 2 n. Shawl, knitted. After 26 (29.5) cm = 60 (68) p. from the lower plank, divide the work for armholes and first knit on the middle 54 (60) n. of the back of the front satin stitch. For armholes, close on both sides 1 time by 2 (3) p. = 50 (54) p. Through 15.5 (17) cm = 36 (40) p. from the beginning of the armhole to close on both sides to 14 (16) n. shoulders, average 22 n. postponed to the auxiliary needle.

The right shelf knit on 31 (34) section of the front satin as follows: close from the left working edge for the neck 1 time 2 (3) section = 29 (31) section. Through 15.5 (17) cm = 36 (40) R. from the beginning of the armhole to close from the left edge of 14 (16) n. shoulders, the remaining 15 n. to postpone on the auxiliary needle.

Left shelf finish symmetrically right.

Sleeves . On the stocking needles dial 32 (34) p., The loops are evenly distributed on 4 needles and closed in a circle, for the strap knit 3 krug.r. garter viscous. Next, knit circular rows of facial satin. For bevels add after 4 (6) krug.r. from the bar at the beginning and at the end of the round. 1 p., then add also at the beginning and at the end of the row in every 7th round. R. another 9 (10) times 1 p. = 52 (56) p. After 30 (34.5) cm = 70 (80) krug.r. from the strap close all loops.

Assembly. Run shoulder seams. For the hood, reschedule the hinges of the backrest and both shelves on the circular needles, while raising the outer edges of both shelves and along the shoulder seams by 1 s. = 56 s. In the 1st p. add, evenly distributing, another 2 s. = 58 s and further distribute the loops as follows: chrome., 2 s. garter stitch, 52 s. face fastener, 2 st. starch garter, chrome.

After 20 (22) cm = 46 (50) p. from the beginning of the hood, distribute 58 points to 3 stocking knitting needles: 19 points, 20 points, 19 points. Knit with straight rows on the front satin stitch and execute curvatures, as a substitute on the heel of the sock: knit the last stitch of the 1st needle with the 1st paragraph 2. Knit the 2nd knitting needle together with the front one, and knit the last loop of the 2nd knitting needle with the 1st item of the 3rd knitting needle together (= 1 item to remove the knit with the face knit, then stretch the loop after the knitting needle). through knitted). These reductions are repeated in every 2nd p. As a result, the number of loops in each front row is reduced by the 1st and 3rd spokes, and on the 2nd spoke the number of loops remains the same = 20 p. When the loops from the 1st and 3rd spokes are fully consumed, the remaining 20 p. On the middle spoke. Sew sleeves.

Pattern knitted jacket for a boy