18 December 2018, 22:41

Free Pattern Large Mesh Pattern

I can say that this, I can say, creative women's pullover , knitted with needles and published in the journal Sabrina, has long been laid, but I haven’t decided to tie it all together.

It seemed to me that openwork holes, made in it double crochet and connected with thick knitting needles, would be too much to expose the body.

But you don’t have to pull a pullover over your naked body, right? “And what about cotton T-shirts for what?” I said to myself, and now this simple pretty model is waiting in the wings for my knitters, especially as nettedperforated patterns again in trend.

What is unusual about this model of pullover? Yes, the fact that it does not need to knit the armholes and neck separately - they are formed as if by themselves in the process of knitting, therefore, knitting this women's pullover with knitting needles is not at all difficult. ;)So let's get started ...

Women's pullover knitting with mesh pattern
What is good is that the description of the pullover is given in almost all sizes: XS-SML-XL . In Russian, it looks like this: 42-44-46-48-50-52 .

For work you will need: 550-600-650-700-750 g of yarn (not necessarily green :)) - 100% cotton, 180 m \ 50 g , needles No. 5 and circular needles No. 5 .

To be honest, I was embarrassed by the indicated footage, because when knitting with the # 5 knitting needles, such a yarn would make a very rare cloth. The photo also shows that the mating is quite dense.

Therefore, I take the liberty to offer the COTTON GOLD PLUS yarn for knitting this pullover, which includes 55% cotton and 45% acrylic, 200 m \ 100 g , you can see it here . Or knit the proposed footage, only two threads.

In general, it is best to be guided by the size indicated on the pattern. Because even on the same knitting needles, different masters get different knitting densities.;)

Patterns used in knitting:

"Elastic 2 x 2" ;
purl (in the front row knit with purl loops, in the purl - facial);
large mesh pattern.
Large mesh knitting pattern
For knitting a large mesh pattern with knitting needles, you need to dial the number of loops multiple of 3 plus 7 loops for the symmetry of the pattern and 2 edging.



The pattern is knitted according to the scheme, where the facial (odd) rows are read from right to left (from the figure), and the purl - from left to right.

The scheme of a large mesh patternRed cage: Remove 2 loops together as facies, knit 1 face and stretch it through the removed loops.

First, the loops are knitted before the repeat (staple), then the loops of the repeat are repeated and at the end of the row the loops are knitted after the repeat. The pattern repeats from the 1st to the 6th row.

Specifically, for this pullover, the pattern is knitted up to the loop of the purl (in front of it, 2 loops are knitted), then the loop of the elastic, the loop of the purl and again the pattern according to the scheme from the very beginning.

Knitting density:

gum - 18 loops and 22 rows = 10 x 10 cm;
large mesh pattern - 16 loops and 22 rows = 10 x 10 cm.
Knitting backs:
On the spokes №5 recruit 72-78-86-96-102 loops and knit 2 series (one 1st - backing):

after edge 32-35-38-44-47 loops purl satin,
6-6-8-6-6 loops with a rubber band, starting from 0-0-1-0-0 face and 2 purl,
32-35-38-44-47 loops purl and edging.
After that, we knit 5 rows with a rubber band: after edge 2, int. - 1 w., 2 persons. - 1 w., 2 persons. - 2 out., 2 persons. - 1 w., 2 persons. and finish symmetrically.

Further, after edge knitting: 31-34-37-43-46 loops with a mesh pattern, 1 loop with a purl, 6-6-8-6-6 loops with an elastic band, 1 loop with a purl with a seam , 31-34-37-43-46 loops mesh pattern, edging.

In the next purl row we begin to expand the central section of the gum and then do it 19-19-20-21-21 times in every 4th (purl) row like this:

from the transverse thread (broach) between the loop of the purl seam and the 1st loop of the elastic band and between the last loop of the elastic band and the loop of the seamy smooth surface, we tie it out on the 1st facial crossed one, including the added loops in the elastic pattern. As a result, we get 112-118-128-140-146 loops.

The number of loops of the mesh pattern remains constant, the loops ( 1 st on each side of the elastic band) and the purl are also constant .

Through 45-45-47-47-49 cm ( 99-99-103-103-107 rows) from the typesetting edge for the neckline, we divide the work in the middle and then knit separately.

Through 60-60-63-63-65, 5 cm from the typesetting edge after the 2nd row of the mesh pattern we close all the loops.

Front knitting:
Before it fits like a back, only for a deeper neckline we divide the work through 41-41-43-43-45 cm (91-91-95-95-99 rows) from the typesetting edge.

Assembly of the product:
Perform shoulder seams. On average 38-38-42-44-48 cm of the lateral edges for the arms of the armholes we type in 60-60-68-70-76 loops, knit 2 rows with a seamy side and close all loops.

Perform side seams and seams armholes.

On circular needles on the edge of the neckline, we collect 108-108-116-116-118 loops, knit 1 circular row with face loops and close the loops with face loops.

Unusual female pullover knitting with a large mesh pattern is connected! As you can see, it is not difficult at all. But if you still have any questions, write them in the comments, be sure to answer!;)

And I’m also very interested to know your opinion: did you like this pullover? And how do you wear knitted items with mesh patterns?:)

Sincerely, Elena and "Knitting mood" .