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Free Pattern Openwork Cardigan With Sleeves In Gum

Dimensions: S / M (M / L) L / XL

You will need: yarn (100% cotton; 50 g / 90 m) - 21 (23) 24 skein white; straight needles No. 3.5, circular needles No. 3, 80 cm long

Pattern for knitting openwork cardigan with needles

Facial smoothness. Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. In the circular rows of all loops knit facial.

Elastic. (1st row = int. Row) - 2 int. * 2 persons., 2 out. * repeat from * to *.

Openwork pattern. Knit according to the scheme.

2 n. Knit together.

Facing with an inclination to the left: 1 item to remove, as a front one, knit the next loop with the front one and stretch it through the removed loop.

Wrong side tilt to the left: transfer both loops to the right knitting needle and, twisting it so that the second loop is in front and the first loop to the back, return to the left knitting needle and knit together behind the back walls of the wrong one.

Knitting density: 22 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface on the needles No. 3.5; 1 pattern repeat = 22 point = approx. 7 cm

Important! The density of your knitting must match the given. Therefore, before proceeding to work, you should knit a pattern sample: dial 34 points and knit 14 cm with a satin finish. Then count the loops in the middle section of the fabricated sample with a length of 10 cm: if there are more than 22 loops in this segment, change the spokes to thicker ones, if less - to thinner ones. The main thing is that the density of your knitting corresponds to a given density in width. The product is knit on the same needles as the sample.

If the instruction contains only one number, then it applies to all sizes.

Description of knitting openwork cardigan knitting

Back. On the needles №3,5 dial 179 (223) 267 p. And knit with an openwork pattern according to the above scheme (1st row = izn. Row). When the length of the part is 55 cm, split the loops in half. To do this in the middle of the average w. loop previous row knit 1 out. loop and mean i. leave the loop on the spoke on the left = 90 (112) 134 points on both sides.

Knit both sides separately (a slit is formed in the middle of the back). When the length of the part is 62 (62) 62 cm, close the shoulder bevel from the outside at the beginning of each row 7 (9) 11 times 11 p. Then close the remaining hinges.

The second side finish symmetrically first.

Right shelf . On the needles No. 3.5, dial 91 (113) 135 points and knit with an openwork pattern as shown in the diagram below (1st row = wear row). Having knitted until the 1st closure of the hinges for the shoulder bevel (check over the back), close the loops as described for the backrest.

Left shelf. Knit symmetrically right shelf, for this shoulder bevel to perform in a mirror image.

Assembly. Sew the parts from the front with mattress and knit seams = mattress - the longitudinal edges of the parts (= 1 p. X 1 p.), Knitted - the edges with closed loops. Run shoulder seams (the seam should not be stretched!).

Sleeves. Knit down from the armhole. On both sides of the shoulder seam count on 71 (75) 79 p. and make by tag. On the spokes No. 3.5, in the marked area on the front side of the product (thread at work), dial the loops evenly: 1 point after / before chrome. loop in each row, skipping every 6th p. = on the needles 118 (126) 134 p. Knit with an eraser (1st row = iz. row) - 2 izn. * 2 persons., 2 out. * repeat from * to *. After 3 p. to narrow the sleeves, start on both sides of the decrease: 1 person., 2 points. knit together the front one with an inclination to the left, then knit with an elastic band to 3 points on the knitting needle, 2 points to knit together the front one, 1 persons. These slow downs are repeated in every 4th row until 70 (78) 86 p.

Next, knit straight until the sleeve length is 42 cm. Then close the loop by the pattern.

Assembly. Run side seams and sleeve seams.

Strap. On the spokes No. 3, on the front side of the product, uniformly loop the loops: 2 n. For bending, then 1 n. From each row along the front edge of the right shelf, passing every 6th river, along the edge of the cut (on the back) + 2 n. At the end of the cut, then knit the loops of the left side, as on the right, and at the end, dial 2 points for bending.

Knit with a rubber band, as described for the sleeves, to looped loops. At the same time, 2 sts for hemming at the ends of the strip, as well as 2 middle loops at the end of the cut, should be facing (from the front side).

In every persons. in a row on 2 middle loops, perform a decrease: knit, without reaching 1 point to 2 middle loops, 2 points to knit together the front one, then 2 points to knit together the front one with a tilt to the left. With a slat width of 4 cm, close the loop according to the drawing.

Bend the folds on the ends of the strip on the wrong side and sew.

Pattern knitting openwork cardigan knitting