11 March, 13:03

Free Pattern Openwork Hat For Baby

This delicate lovely hat, resembling a bonnet, is only for a baby, because she is connected with an openwork pattern! smile

It is decorated with two pretty little pompons and a crocheted trim at the edges of the cap. Cap knit straight web.

HEAD COVERAGE: 37 (40) cm.
50 g pink Schachenmayr Micro Bamboo yarn (145 m / 50 g) made from 50% viscose (bamboo) and 50% polyacryl;
needles number 4; hook number 3.
PATTERNS: the front surface, openwork pattern "Holes".
KNITTING DENSITY: 23 loops and 34 rows of openwork pattern “Holes” - 10 x 10 cm.

Knitting Pattern "Holes"

Knitting Pattern "Holes"

The pattern of the pattern "Holes"



Description of work
We collect on the spokes 71 (77) loops and ... in the magazine version you need to knit 3 rows with the front satin stitch, and then move on to knitting an openwork pattern. But it can be seen in the photo that at least one row in front of the openwork pattern should be connected with back loops on the front side.

Therefore, I propose to tie it like this: 1 purl row with purl loops, 2nd facial row also purl loops, 3rd purl row with purl loops, then begin to knit with an openwork “Hole” pattern starting from the 3rd row of the pattern.

After 15 (16) cm we close all the loops, fold the cap in half and sew the closed edge.

Knit Without Crochet

Knit Without Crochet

We tie the typesetting edge of the cap 1 near the column without single crochet and 1 near picot ( 3 air loops and 1 column without single crochet in the 1st air loop). How to perform picot shown in great detail in this video tutorial.


On the bottom edge of the cap, type 75 (81) loop and knit 1 purl row with face loops. Then we perform the openwork row: after the edge knit we knit 1 face, * 1 nakid, 2 together the face * (from * to * repeat to the end of the row), edge.

In the next purl row, we knit all loops and nakida purses. We knit another facial row with purl loops and close all loops, knitting them with purl.

We tie the closed edge 1 next to the column without nakida and 1 near the picot.

We twist the cord with a length of 85 cm in 2 threads and stretch it through the holes. We make 2 pompons with a diameter of 3 cm and sew to the corner of the cap.