11 March, 13:16

Free Pattern Sports Hat For Baby

When I went to knitting courses, we knitted a hat like this, only for the formation of teeth it was necessary to knit not three loops together with the front one, but two, and from the recesses upward we could see openwork stripes from nakidov.



I did not knit the cap completely, but knitted it using a small number of loops (instead of 16, as stated in the description, I knit 5 loops each). It turned out the cap for pupsika.

Description of the cap in the magazine "Sabrina Baby" is given to the baby from 6 to 9 months.

REQUIRED: 50 g of sectional dyeing yarn (100% sheep wool, 95 m / 25 g), knitting needles No. 3.
PATTERNS: handkerchief.
KNITTING DENSITY: 23 loops and 48 rows - 10 x 10 cm.
Description of work
On the needles we collect 109 loops and knit after edge:

In the 1st row - we add 1 loop, pulling out of the broach of the crossed front, * 16 face, 3 loops together with the front with a tilt to the left ( 2 loops are removed together as with the front knitting, 1 face, we stretch it through the removed loops), 16 face, We add 1 loop, 1 front loop , 1 add * (from * to * repeat 1 more time),
16 facial, 3 together facial with a slope to the left, 16 facial, 1 add, edging.
in the 2nd and all even rows - we knit all the loops with facial loops.
We constantly repeat the 1st and 2nd rows. After 15 cm from the start of work, all loops are closed. Perform seams, as shown in the diagram.



The video shows knitting a sports hat as taught me.