11 March, 14:21

Free Pattern Sweater Knitted Across

When knitting a blouse with knitting needles in the transverse direction , a striped pattern is obtained without shifting from one hand to another, but the stripes in the pattern of the jacket are not colored, but openwork. The elegant cut of the knitted blouse and the translucent pattern are a perfect choice for a light spring model.

Sizes 36/38. 40/42 and 44/46
You will need: 500 (550-600) g light gray (color 7) yarn Only Cotton Lana Grossa (100% cotton, 110 m / 50 g); The needles number 5.5, the circular needles number 4.5, the hook number 4.5.

Gum: alternately 2 out., 2 persons.
The main pattern : the number of loops is a multiple of 9 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the scheme. In izn. R. knit loops on the pattern, nakida - w. Repeat 1 * st - 8th p.

Out smooth surface: individuals. R. - ex. n., izn. R. - persons. P.

Knitting density: 16 points and 27 p. the main pattern, needles number 5.5 = 10 x 10 cm



Description of knitting blouse knitting:

Pullover fit in across. The arrows on the pattern - the direction of knitting.
BACK WITH HALF SLEEVES : for the sleeves on the needles No. 5.5, dial 31 p., Tie 1 in. R. from n. and perform the main pattern: chrome., 3 rapport, 2 n. izn. smooth After 40 cm from the start of work, on the right side of the backrest, dial on the right side 1 x 54 s. = 85 s. Knit the stitches with the main pattern = 9 rapports. After 50 (54-58) cm tied to 85 p., Close on the right side 1 x 54 p. = 31 p. Tie another 40 cm, then close all the loops.

BEFORE HALF SLEEVES : knit like a back.

ASSEMBLY : to complete the shoulder seams and the upper seams of the sleeves, leaving an average 26 cm open for the neckline cutout. Along the edges of the sleeves for circular knitting needles No. 4.5, dial 54 p. And knit with a rubber band, starting in the 1st w. R. with chrome., 1 out., 2 persons., finishing symmetrically. After 4 cm close the item according to the picture. Run side seams and sleeve seams. Along the bottom edge of the pullover with circular needles No. 4.5, dial 192 (208-224) p. Tie a 4 cm rubber band to a circle. R. and loop close on the picture. Neckline tie 1 p. st.b / n.