10 February, 22:00

How To Make Gray Knitted Pillow With Knitting Needles

Size: 38 x 38 cm

You will need: Sandnes fiesta yarn (55% wool, 45% acrylic; 80m / 50g) - 250 grams; synthetic winterizer; needles number 5.

Patterns for knitting pillows

Face. Smooth: face. Side - facial n., Izn. side - purl ..

Out smooth surface: faces . side - back points, izn. side - facial n.

Knitting density: 16 s. = 10 cm.

The product consists of two parts.

Front detail: type on the spokes 66 p. And knit as follows: 1 chrome., 8p - face., * 2 out. p., 3 persons. n. *, repeat * - * 6 times, 2 w. p., then knit 24 p. persons. stitch, 1 chrome. p. In the purlous rows, all p. knit according to the pattern. Starting from the 9th row, knit a braid weave pattern according to a pattern. Then knit 18 rows straight and repeat the weave of the braids according to the scheme, then knit eight more rows and close all the items.

Back detail: type 60 p. On the spokes and knit with a 38 cm faceplate, and then close p.

Assembly: perform all seams except the last. Turn it out, tamp down with padding polyester and execute the last stitch with hidden stitches.

Pattern of a knitted pillow pattern with braids: