11 March, 14:06

How To Tie Socks On Two Knitting Needles

Knitting socks on two knitting needles is not difficult in a detailed master class + video , socks with a pattern of embossed elastic are obtained. Thanks to the elastic knitting, the socks fit the feet tightly and at the same time they are comfortable and warm.



For knitting socks need 200 grams. yarn Alize Superlana (100gr / 100m), knitting needles №4,5, a pair of additional knitting needles or pins.

If you use other yarn and other knitting needles for knitting socks, you need to knit a pattern and, by the density of knitting, calculate how many loops to dial to start knitting a sock.

Description of knitting socks on two needles:

For a sock on the 39th leg size, dial 42 loops in the usual way.

The 1st row is a purl row, begin to knit a 2x2 elastic band with two purl loops, then repeat 2 faces. P., 2 w. P. Central 2 loops 21 and 22 loop in the first row should be knitted with purl to face. the side of the center was a path of facial loops.

Tie the 2nd row of the cuff according to the pattern of the loops, follow the front loops - the front loops, and over the purl - purl loops. Next, tie a cuff with a 2x2 elastic band and tie it with a rubber band to a height of about 10 cm.

After the cuff, continue to knit a sock on all the loops, forming a take on the foot. To do this, it is necessary to add loops in each front row before and after the two central loops, which should be marked with markers. Added loops should be included in the pattern of elastic, so in the first row add facial loops from broaches, knitting them crossed so that there are no holes.

Knit a wrong number without additions to the hinge pattern.

In the third front row of the cuff, add again on the front loop before and after the two central loops.

In the fifth row, according to the pattern of gum, you need to add on the purl loop. To add a purl loop, raise the broach, cross it and knit with the purl loop.

In the seventh row, repeat the addition of purl loops before and after the two central loops.

Knit with additions another 4 facial rows, so that there are 8 added loops in total to the left and right of the central path of the two facial loops.

Leave the center 18 loops on the spoke, and remove the side loops for additional knitting needles or pins. Continue to knit only the center 18 loops - this is the top of the sock to the fingertips. The size of the connected upper part of the sock should be in length from the edge of the cuff to the end of the central part to be equal to the length of the foot.

After the top of the sock is finished, continue to knit the bottom of the sock without tearing off the thread. First you need to determine how many loops to leave for knitting the soles, so that the sock is exactly the width of the foot. From the 18 loops of the upper part further for the sole, continue to knit 10 central garter stitch loops. To do this, knit the side 4 loops according to the pattern, 9 loops with the front loops and the last 10th loop of the sole on the front side, knit together in a loop with the side of the front with a broach. Turn the work, on the inside of the first loop, remove, knit 8 face loops, knit the 10th loop together with the side loop of the other side. Again, turn the work to the front side, remove the first loop, knit 8 with the front one, knit the 10th loop with the side loop with the front one with a broach.

When the side loops are finished, use the edge loops on the sides of the upper part of the sock.

When knitting the sole comes to the left cuff loops, use them when knitting the last loop of the sole along with the side loop of the cuff from one side to the other.

When until the end of knitting the soles will remain 10 rows, begin to reduce the loop of the sole. To do this, in each row before the last loop, knit 2 loops together with one face. In the last row should remain one central loop of the sole and one loop on the sides of the cuff, knit them together, cut the thread, fasten the remaining loop.

It remains to sew a sock from heel to top of the cuff on the wrong side.

Video Knitting Socks On Two Needles: