11 January, 18:13

Irish Lace Jacket

Beautiful lace jacket is knitted in the technique of Irish lace. There are separate motifs on it - flowers, leaves, crocheted by knitting a chaotic mesh. The edges of the jacket are obliged by a beautiful braid, it will serve to strengthen the edges of the product and the border of the pattern. Knitted jacket from the Irish lace in summer is beautiful and light.

Size: 40.

For knitting you need: 300 g of white yarn (100% cotton, 100 g / 430 m), 100 g of beige yarn (100% cotton, 50 g / 200 m), hook No. 2, No. 1.5.

Knitting braid goes according to scheme 1, knits in direct and inverse rows. Work is performed by hook №2.

Knitting roses is performed according to scheme 2, the diagram shows circular rows. The size of the flower depends on the number of connected rows. Work is performed by hook number 2.

Knitting element "bud" according to scheme 3, the diagram shows the forward and reverse rows. Work is performed by hook number 2.

Sheet fits according to scheme 4, it shows the forward and reverse rows. Work is performed by hook number 2.

A circular motif according to scheme 5, circular rows are indicated on the diagram. Work is performed by hook number 2.

Trilistik: scheme 6, the diagram shows circular rows. Work is performed by hook number 2.



The main pattern of "unconventional chaotic mesh ." The work is performed with beige yarn crocheted No. 1.5 or with a needle. This pattern is used to fill large gaps between the elements. If you make a crochet mesh, the work uses arches of air loops, connecting posts, single crochets and single crochets. It all depends on the distance between the rows of arches.
If you use a needle, then simply connect the elements, twisting the thread so that the mesh is formed. The canvas should fall flat, do not wrinkle and evenly fill the gaps.

Description of knitting blouses Irish lace:

The dimensions are given on the pattern (Fig. 1, 2, 3). Made with Irish lace technique.

To make the model interesting and of high quality, it is necessary to take into account two rules during the work. First: to make accurate individual patterns with parts / darts and bevels, connect the seams, try on, make adjustments, dissolve the seams and proceed to vyvyazyvaniya parts on ready-made patterns.

Second: to create a plot of the composition of the elements, to make sketches of this composition on every detail, taking into account the shaped lines and seams. If the contours of the element protrude beyond the limits of the pattern, it is necessary to draw a protruding contour and leave free space on the adjacent part and take this into account when working on this part.

Make on full-sized paper patterns of parts in size in full size. Draw a composition on it. According to the proposed schemes, associate the required number of elements for the invented plot of the composition. Under scheme 1, tie the desired length of the tape, which in the future will serve as "strapping" for the neck, sleeves, shelves and the bottom of the product. Steam all the elements. Put the ready-made elements on the pattern with the seamy side to the top (lay out the ribbons along the contour of the patterns), pin them. Then begin to join the elements in the composition, filling in the empty spaces with the pattern “unconventional chaotic grid”.

The difficulties while working on this product lies in the fact that in this composition the main field of the canvas is “unconventional chaotic mesh” (see photo of the model). Therefore, it is necessary to work exclusively on the pattern to keep the shaped lines. Tying all the details, connect them at the seams.

We advise you to connect them also with a “grid” pattern, this will make the seams invisible. Sew on the left shelf of the finished product buttons.