11 January, 19:39

Lace Dress Of Motives

This beautiful dress is crocheted of openwork motifs, which when combined into a canvas resemble complex tatting lace. The dress is very simple cut, but looks luxurious due to the beautiful pattern of mating. Under the lace dress of motifs you must sew a simple bottom dress, which can be made of a fabric of a contrasting color, to emphasize the lace pattern of the bound motifs.

Crochet dress description is for size 44-46.

You will need cotton threads of about 600 grams, hook No. 1.5-2.5.

Knit motifs on the scheme and attach them in the process of knitting the last row in the places indicated by arrows on the scheme.

Knit crochet motifs for the bodice of the dress No. 1.5, for expanding the bottom of the dress for knitting motifs, take the hook No. 2.5. The number of motifs will depend on how long you want to make the dress knee-length or ankle-length.

Scheme knitting dresses from motives: