11 January, 19:07

Openwork Dress With A Beautiful Pattern

Knitted dress beautiful openwork pattern looks amazing on the figure. The dress is knitted from the waist up and down in a circle, for the neck you can form a triangular or oval neckline.

Model Anna Belavina
Size: 38

You will need: Violet yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 282 m / 50 g) - 300 g in the color of hyacinth, hook No. 2.

Attention! Before starting work, make a full-size pattern of the product, adjusting it in accordance with your parameters. All additions and subtractions are performed in accordance with the pattern.

Crochet dress description:

First, tie the hem of the dress, starting from the waist. To do this, dial a chain of vozd. n required length, loop into a ring. Knit round 1 row of Art. s / n and 1 row of Art. b / n Next, knit a pattern according to the scheme, running a width of 18 rapports. Knit the hem to the desired length. Then tie the top of the dress.



To do this, knit around the upper edge of the hem around the 1st row of Art. b / n and then knit the pattern according to the scheme, performing 16 rapports. Knit 3 rows, making additions in accordance with the pattern. After that, divide the canvas in half (4 rapport) to form the armholes and then knit each part separately, starting from the back. Dial on both sides for hoses a chain of air. a length corresponding to 2 rapports of the pattern (to continue the sleeve and continue to knit the main pattern. At the same time, to form a V-shaped notch, divide the back in half and knit each side separately, subtracting 0.5 rapport on the inside in each row. 4 series manner and finished job other side of the backrest dovyazhite symmetrically then bind the upper part of the backrest before similar...
Assembling:seam the sleeves. Then from the bottom edge of the sleeve, tie the cuff around the main pattern (9 rapports wide) 3 rows. Tie the second cuff in the same way.

Bind the neckline as follows: 1st row - art. b / n; 2nd row - Art. s / n; 3rd row - Art. b / n; 4th row - * 1 tbsp. Sn, 2 rev. p., skip 2 paragraphs of the previous row *, repeat * - *. At the same time in the corner knit 3 tbsp. s / n without air loops. Then knit 2 more rows of st. b / n Twist the cord and pass it over the top of the neckline at the back. Bind the hem of the dress and the sleeves with b / n columns with “pico”.