25 February, 17:35

Openwork Jacket With A Hood Free Pattern

Crocheted crochet hooded sweatshirt is versatile, it can be worn both with an elegant dress and in a sporty style - jeans and a T-shirt. In this model, the hood hoods can be unfastened.

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need: yarn (44% viscose, 34% polyester, 22% cotton; 105 m / 50 g) - 850 (900) 950 g silver-gray; hook number 4, 5; 3 gray buttons with a diameter of 23 mm; 11 transparent buttons with a diameter of 2 cm.



The main pattern: the number of loops of the initial row is a multiple of 6 + 1. Knit according to the scheme. Start with loops before rapport, repeat regularly, repeat loops after rapport. From the 1st to the 7th row, tie 1 time, then the 4-7th rows should be constantly repeated.

Knitting density: the main pattern - 20 p. Of the initial row x 10 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Description of crochet knitting sweaters

Note: all items except the hood knit from top to bottom. Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction.

Back: perform a chain of 91 (103) 115 vp + 1 incl. lifting and knit main pattern. After 72 cm = 72 p. from the initial row in the 6th row of the pattern work to finish.

Left shelf: execute a chain of 31 (37) 43 ce + 1 incl. lifting and knit main pattern. For a bevel of a mouth in 16 cm = 16 r. from the initial row from the left working edge add 1 cm, then another 8 times in each 2nd p. add 1 cm according to the pattern. Finish the shelf after 72 cm like a backrest.

Right shelf: knit symmetrically left.

Sleeves: first, perform shoulder seams in areas of 15.5 (18.5) 21.5 cm (= flange width). Then, directly on the side edges of the shelf and backrest, start to knit the sleeve. To do this, on both sides of the shoulder seams but a section equal to a total of 42 (42) 49 cm, knit the main pattern. This corresponds to 85 (85) 97 loops of the initial row. At the same time, for beveling the sleeves on both sides, leave the next 36 (35) 34 cm unstuck at 8 (8) 10 cm. We recommend making a full size pattern and controlling the reductions by applying work to the pattern. After 46 (45) 44 cm from the start of work in the 6th row of the pattern, the sleeve is finished.



Hood: perform a chain of 91 vp + 1 incl. lifting and knit main pattern. After 30 cm = 30 p. from the initial row, the work should be divided in the middle and each side should be completed separately. At the same time, in order to give the hood a shape along the inner edge, 6 times in each next row leave 1 cm of unprovided areas. After 37 cm = 37 p. from the initial row of work to finish.

Assembly: perform the side seams and seams of the sleeves. Sew gray buttons to the left shelf, with the top one sewn at the beginning of the neckline, the rest - with an interval of 9 cm. The holes in the pattern serve as loops. On the hood to make the top seam. Tie the front edge of the hood with 1 row of posts with c / n, and tie the initial row with 1 row of posts with b / n. Sew on transparent buttons, evenly distributing, on the front side of the bottom (inlaid) edge of the hood. Button to fasten, pushing them from the wrong side through the holes of the pattern on the edge of the neck.