11 January, 17:50

Top With A Semi-Circle On The Yoke

This knitted top attracts attention with an interesting detail - a bright semicircle on the yoke. The top has wide triangular cuts on the front and on the back, the bottom of the top is done last, the knitting goes down to the desired length.

Model Svetlana Scherbakova
Size: 36-38

You will need: “Test 41” yarn (40% viscose, 60% acrylic, 238 m / 100 g) - 200 g of milky color, remnants of white, burgundy and mint color, hook No. 2.5.

Crochet Top Crochet Description:

The front part of the coquette: to begin with, tie the central semicircle according to scheme 1, alternating colors in the following order: knit with the white thread on the 1 st — 2 nd rows, burgundy 3-th row, 4—5 th white rows rows — burgundy, 8th – 9th rows — mint; 10th row — burgundy; 11-12th rows — white and 13th-14th rows — burgundy thread.

Next, mark the average 7 cm semicircle, do not knit on this site. Then knit each side of the coquette separately with a pattern according to the scheme 2 with a thread of the color of baked milk of 10 cm.



Back part of the coquette: for a start, tie the central semicircle according to the scheme 3 with a thread of milky color. Mark the top point of the semicircle - the middle of the back. Next, knit each side of the coquette separately from the lower edge of the semicircle to the marked point with a pattern according to scheme 2 approximately 10 cm (referring to the front part).

Bottom of the top : fold the front and back of the coquette together. Sides inwards, on the bottom edge, tie around the 1st row of st. b / n Next, knit a round pattern in scheme 4. At the height of the lower part of 22 cm finish the work.

Sleeves: dial a chain of 51 vozd. p., knit 1 row of Art. s / n Next, knit with a pattern according to scheme 2. At the same time, perform a decrease for the bevel of the sleeve on both sides, as shown in Figure 5. The diagram shows the decreases from the right side, on the left side, perform the reductions symmetrically.

Assembly: sew the sleeves. Neckline tie 1 next to Art. b / n and 1 near Art. s / n On the border of the coquette and the lower part, tie 1 row with chain stitch.