13 April, 01:34

Today's is for all of our knitting friends who want to learn how to do a Cable Cast On!

It's pretty easy and is a cast on technique you will want to use for all kinds of projects. Let's give it a try! ⠀


Start with a slip knot. Insert the right needle into the stitch knit-wise/underneath. ⠀


Wrap the yarn around the right needle clockwise. Draw the needle towards you, through the loop on your left needle. Carefully transfer the stitch that is now on your right needle, onto the left needle (move it over the top of the left needle) and release. ⠀


Insert the needle between the two stitches. Wrap the yarn around the right needle once, clockwise. Draw the right needle backwards, towards you, through the gap between the two stitches. Keep the stitch on the right needle. ⠀


Gently transfer this stitch over to the left needle. You should now have 3 stitches on your left needle.⠀


Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the number of stitches you need! ⠀