21 October 2017, 01:35

Knit Man Cardigan

Order 1: 4 straight, 1 reverse, 7 straight, repeating sequence * to complete the sequence. 2nd row; all the loops are knitted upside down. 3. - 8. Ranks; Steps 1 and 2 are repeated. Row 9; The sequence is completed by repeating 4 haraşo, 7 straight, 9 haraşo *. 10. Place; all the loops are knitted upside down. 11th and 12th place; The 9th and 10th rounds are played back. 13.- Place 18; 1st and 2nd rounds are done. 19. Place; 3 straight, * 9 haraşo, 7 straight * marks. 20. Place; all the loops are knitted upside down. 21.ve 22. Place; The 19th and the 20th are made a turn. 23. Place; It is repeated in the first place.

1-  With the 10675 color yarn, 97 stitches are started, 6 cm 2 + 2 rubber weaves are made and ornek is started with 10665 color yarn.
2- The size of the body is 31 cm with the 10675 color number yarn, 15 cm is woven and the 21299 color number yarn is used.
3- The size of the body 45 cm from the two sides for the arm-house, three loops are cut.
4-Starting from the next row, one loop is cut 33 times in each front row from both sides. 
5 - The length of 73 cm in the remaining 25 stitches are cut and finished.

1- Color sequencing and ornek are made like the back body.
2- 54 stitches start. 10 loops from the front center are knitted with 2 + 2 treads of size 10675 in color number yarn.
3- Cutting process is done from one side to the back of the body for 45 cm in the size of the body and a total of 36 stitches are cut.
4- In the same order as the arm house, one side loop is cut 8 times from the front center by looking for 4 rows next to the loops knitted with rubber.
5 - Length of 73 cm in the remaining 10 stitches 12 cm more 2 + 2 rubber is finished and finished. In the middle of the left front body, 5 buttonholes are opened with a 6 cm search.

1- Start with 48 threads with 10645 color threads. 6 cm 2 + 2 tires are knitted and ornek is started to be applied with yarn number 10665.
2- Up to 70 steps can be reached by making 1 loop of 11 times with 6 rows from both sides.
3- The length of arm is 30 cm and the thread number is 10675. 15 cm and knitted with 21299 color yarn is continued.
4- Arm length 45 cm from the sides of the arm for the three sides of the stitch is cut.
5- Starting from the next row, 1 stitch is cut 33 times from each side in each front row.
6- The length of the arm is 75 cm and the remaining loops are cut and finished.

The 12 cm sections that are woven in the front are sewn to the rear collar.