3 November 2017, 00:57

Knitting a simple leaf crochet

The second master class
Master class on Irish lace.
We knit a simple leaflet.

We dial a chain of 13 air loops. The next series begins with the eleventh


We knit like this: 2 sts simple without a crochet, 2 half-columns, 2 stitches with a crochet, 2 stitches with a crochet together, again 2 stitches with a crochet together. From the last loop we unfasten 6 columns with a crochet.

Then from the next 4 loops of 2 double stitches with a crochet from each loop of the chain, then 2 sticks with a crochet, 2 half-columns, 2 nts without a nakida. We end the connecting loop with the last one on the chain.

Do not turn over the product, we tie the entire sheet backwards "

step ".

To impart texture it is possible to tie the vein of the leaf in the middle. To do this, hold the thread from the bottom of the sheet and insert the hook through, clinging the thread from below.

We stretch the thread and choosing the next branch in the chain, again we pierce the sheet through and through. So continue to the loop from which 6 bars are tied.

We remove the hook from the loop, we stick it from the bottom of the sheet. Having hooked a loop, we extend it on the wrong side. We cut off the thread. We tighten the knot and hide the thread under several knitted loops.

Here is the flower, connected according to the scheme

To obtain a leaf bent in the other direction, first we knit a series with bifurcated columns, and after "6 loops from one" - double.

Good luck!
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