30 October 2017, 18:53

Knit Beaded

A Bracelet with a crocheted Border

A piece of jewellery chain is decorated with charms and a crocheted border made with a piece of polyester cord.

How to do it - Step by Step

Take a suitably long piece of jewellery chain and attach the clasp with a round jump ring.

Cut an approx. 2.5m long piece of polyester cord for the crocheted border. Attach the doubled over piece of cord to the first section of the jewellery chain.

Now thread the cord ends through the loop and start crocheting with double crochet stitches.

Use a crochet hook to fetch the first stitch through one of the small sections of jewellery chain.

Fetch another stitch with a crochet hook and crochet it through the first stitch.

Now crochet two double crochet stitches in each section of the jewellery chain.

Finish the crochet border on the jewellery chain by pulling the cord end through the last stitch.

Secure the ends.

Carefully melt the ends.

Use two pairs of pliers for attaching the charms.

And happyfinal. You can do it easyly.

You need this materials. Please check them. They will help you.

Chain, W: 6 mm, 1m

Polyester Cord Assortment, thickness 1 mm, asstd colours, 10x50m

Jump Ring, thickness 0,7 mm, inner size 4 mm, silver-plated, 500pcs, 5,4 mm

Swivel Clasps, L: 17 mm, silver-plated, 5pcs

Swivel Clasps, size 17 mm, silver-plated, 40pcs

Snowflake, H: 20 mm, hole size 1,5 mm, antique silver, 18mixed

Metal Hearts, size 12-19 mm, hole size 1,5-3 mm, silver-plated, 6mixed

Angels with loop, D: 16-19 mm, hole size 1,5 mm, antique silver, 10mixed and 100mixed

Flat Nose Pliers, L: 11 mm, W: 5 mm, 1pc

Knit Beaded

Learn how to knit beaded check video.