29 January 2018, 16:27

Little sheep amigurumi

Cute colored little sheep crocheted in the amigurumi technique!
They are woven in the bodoque point or porcorn and the low or half a point.
Materials and accessories needed:

* 2.50 mm crochet and of 3.00 mm.

* brown wool for the legs and face (as for 4 mm needles) and white, beige or any other color that you want (as for 4.5 mm needles.)

* small black beads for the little eyes (if it is for a very small child it is better to embroider the little eyes)

* scissors

* needle wool

* sewing needle

* black sewing thread

* silicone nappa or synthetic cotton to fill


The lambs are knitted in 5 parts:

* body

* head

* ears

* legs

* tail

To knit these lambs we use the half point and the point bodoque or popcorn of 5 half ribs.

Weaving the body:

The body is woven in one piece at the bodoque or popcorn point. Work by closing each row with a slip stitch. Knit 1 piece in white wool, beige or any other color to taste with 3 mm crochet.