21 December 2017, 15:45

Making Blanket

We have prepared a very nice project for you to evaluate the fabrics left at home. We cut the fabrics into equal squares and prepare them. And we combine it from the edges. And we combine all these pieces with weave. You can combine fabric motifs as you like. When we combine the motifs, we put the knitting roses on the corners. You can also add the trims on the different shapes. Your preference is entirely yours. You are evaluating your remaining fabrics and you have a very nice blanket. Blanket measurements are usually in the size of 90 x 90. But you can get smaller and bigger.

There is no detail on how this blanket is made. But you can walk the idea by looking at the picture and you can do it easily. We share the idea of ​​it as an idea for you. It's a really nice project. If you do not have fabric, you can do it by taking a table at home.

How to Build a Blank Blanket?
You can put it in between 2 fabrics by putting fibers and felt. It will be more textured. It will keep it warmer. We are knotting the edges with crochet. Now I can see how it's done below.